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Silver Proof Sets

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Silver Proof Sets from the United States Mint

Since 1792, the United States Mint has designed and struck the coins of the United States of America. From gold and silver coins in the first century of the nation’s history to millions of coins annually in the modern era, the US Mint strikes a wide range of coinage each year. While circulation coins remain its primary focus, gold, silver, and platinum bullion programs have exploded in popularity since 1986. Among the many options from the mint are the Silver Proof Sets issued each year.

What is a Silver Proof Set?

A US Mint Silver Proof Set is a collection of coins issued by the mint with two special factors: silver content and proof visuals. Each of the coins in the set is struck in proof with frosted designs and mirror-like background fields. The other factor is the silver content. While not all coins in a Silver Proof Set have silver content, those that day featured 90% silver with 10% copper through the 2018 release of Silver Proof Sets. Since 2019, Silver Proof Sets have 99.9% silver.

Which Coins have Silver Content in a Silver Proof Set?

When it comes to modern Silver Proof Sets, the US Mint looks back to history for inspiration as to which coins should include silver content. The typical Silver Proof Set from the US Mint includes a proof coin from each of the circulating denominations in the United States: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar.

However, when it comes to issuing proof silver coins in this set, just three of the coins in the set are struck with silver content: the dime, quarter, and half dollar. These three coins just happened to be the last circulating denominations issued into circulation in US history with silver content. Quarters and dimes ceased using silver in 1964, while the half-dollar halted silver use in 1970.

Examples of Silver Proof Sets

The exact coins offered in a Silver Proof Set from the US Mint vary each year. In a typical year, you will find at least the following coins:

  • Lincoln Penny
  • Jefferson Nickel
  • Roosevelt Dime
  • Washington Quarter
  • Kennedy Half Dollar
  • Sacagawea Dollar

From 2010 to 2020, the US Mint included a proof silver quarter with the matching America the Beautiful designs from each year in the corresponding set.

Collect New US Silver with Silver Proof Sets

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