11/28/2023 11:41:08 PM
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Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

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Johnson Matthey is a specialty chemical company founded in London, England, with an arm devoted to precious metals.

In addition to being the world’s leading distributor of platinum group metals, Johnson Matthey produces gold and silver bars and rounds, as well as some platinum and palladium products, all of which make excellent investment vehicles.

Provident Metals offers Johnson Matthey silver bullion products in several variations: .999 fine 100 troy ounce poured silver bars, .999 fine 10 troy ounce silver bars, .999 fine one troy ounce silver bars and .999 fine one troy ounce silver rounds. Johnson Matthey silver bullion products are stamped with their purity and weight.

Buy your Johnson Matthey gold and silver bars from Provident Metals today.