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50 gram Silver Bars

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50 Gram Silver Bars at Provident Metals

If you want a little bit more than 1 Troy oz of silver content in your silver bar, look no further than 50 Gram Silver Bars. These bars contain a bit more than 1 and a half Troy oz of silver allowing you to make a substantial silver investment without spending too much. Learn more about the 50 Gram Silver Bars we have in stock, right here at Provident Metals.

Geiger 50 Gram Silver Bars

Geiger Edelmetalle was established in 1218 near Leipzig, Germany. They are the oldest silver trade in Germany. One product they’re well-known for is their line of square bars, available in sizes as small as 5 grams and as large as 5,000 grams.

These Silver Bars, made in Germany, feature the Schloss Guldengossa on the obverse. This castle is now the headquarters for the mint. The reverse showcases a repeating LEV rhombus design that the series is known for.

Each bar also has a unique security feature on the reverse. When viewed with a black light, the reverse of this bar displays a unique LEV rhombus with a serial number.

These bars are individually wrapped in plastic. For larger orders, cardboard boxes of 50 are also available.

PAMP Suisse 50 Gram Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse has two popular collections of silver bars, their Fortuna Series, and the Rosa Series. Both collections offer a 50 gram silver bar option.

Rosa bars showcase a stunning rose on the obverse, while Fortuna bars show a left-profile relief image of the Roman goddess of fortune. Each bar has a similar revere, showing the identifying marks of the bar.

Each bar is individually serialized, comes with an assay card, and is made from .999 pure silver.

Monarch Metals 50 Gram Silver Bars

Looking for a unique hand-poured bar? Look no further than Monarch’s 50 gram option. This hand-poured silver bar is in the shape of a square and features Monarch’s logo along with identifying marks of the bar on the obverse.

Hand-poured bars are made by pouring molten silver into a mold and allowing it to cool. This gives each bar a handmade look and feel.

Purchasing 50 Gram Silver Bars at Provident Metals

For all questions, call the Provident Metals customer service team at 1-800-313-3315. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.