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Poured Silver Bars

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For centuries, investing in silver has remained a valuable endeavor. Many investors look to silver coins or silver rounds when deciding which products to purchase, but poured silver provides another multitude of options–from bar-shaped items to speciality pieces like lion heads and skulls.

Adding poured silver to your silver bullion portfolio is another way to diversify your investment. These pieces also stand apart from traditional precious metal investments, creating ample opportunity for gifting and striking up conversations with guests. Though poured silver does not carry legal tender value like sovereign minted silver coins, these pieces do carry the value of the silver content itself.

What is a Poured Silver Bar?

These pieces are made by artisans who hand-pour molten silver into a mold. The cumbersome process produces unique bars that may have slight variations in shape and texture, giving you the opportunity to own a special piece. No two bars are ever exactly the same. However, mints do take measures to ensure that weight and purity remain consistent. The poured silver bars sold at Provident all contain investment grade .999 fine silver, and were created at the most reputable mints in the industry.

Hand pouring silver gives the final pieces a rustic beauty. In addition, there is almost an unlimited number of possible shapes, designs, and sizes these pieces can assume. Essentially, poured silver pieces are not limited to the well-known shape of rounds and bars. The large selection of poured silver is bound to appeal to people with a variety of interests.

Which Mints Makes Poured Silver Bars?

A variety of private mints take pride in crafting poured silver bars with beautiful, unique designs and proprietary techniques. Provident offers poured silver products from the following mints:

  • Atlantis Mint: Family owned and operated, this private incorporated mint specializes in producing hand poured silver bars with dynamic designs.
  • MK BarZ and Bullion: Established in Los Angeles, this family owned and operated private mint hand pours and custom stamps silver bars in a huge assortment of shapes and sizes. The company's owner has been collecting and grading American silver coins for over 35 years.
  • Asgard Poured Silver: A more recent company, Asgard produces .999 fine silver poured silver bullion with a Viking theme. All of the runes and symbols used in these products have a connection to silver and wealth.
  • Yeager Poured Silver: This private mint specializes in handmade silver bars and custom silver products. They sell these products to bullion collectors worldwide.
  • What is Silver Bullion?

    Silver bullion is a pure, investment-grade form of the metal–most often found as rounds, coins, and bars–that can be purchased as a method of diversifying your investment portfolio. While some buyers of silver bullion wish only to collect their favorite pieces, many buyers make regular incremental purchases as a method of building wealth. As far as precious metals go, silver is a very affordable option. This makes it ideal for regular purchasing and for new investors who may not yet be ready to make a large financial commitment. Because poured silver bars come in many different sizes, there are options available for people with almost any budget.

    Should I Invest in Silver?

    In addition to a long history of silver as a valued commodity, the white metal also has a plethora of industrial and medicinal uses. Many people choose to invest in silver because of its persistent role in monetary systems and as a precious metal. The affordability of silver makes it an ideal option for several types of investors, including those who enjoy gifting metals to family and loved ones. Investing in precious metals like silver can help you fund big life events, support your retirement, and allows you to leave a monetary legacy to your children.

    What is Spot Price?

    The phrase “spot price” refers to the current value of a precious metal. These values can change throughout the day in reaction to international economic news and political events. Provident makes every effort to keep you informed about silver spot prices so you can make the best choices about when to buy and sell. A wise investor will keep an eye on the market and be aware of current trends.

    Why Choose Provident?

    Helping you meet your investment goals is a top priority for Provident. We offer a wide assortment of silver and other precious metal bullion at competitive prices. In addition to our product catalog, we have an exceptional customer service team to help with questions and transactions. All orders will ship in discreet packaging to protect the security of your purchase. We invite you to browse our blog and other resources to learn more about precious metals so you can make smart investment choices.