GSA Morgan Dollars

GSA Morgan Dollars

GSA Morgan Dollars: Own a Piece of One of the Largest Coin Hoards in American History

These hard-to-find Carson City Morgan Dollars were part of the astounding Government Services Administration’s (GSA) hoard release of the 1970's. Originally issued from 1878 - 1893, each Brilliant Uncirculated coin boasts .77344 troy ounces of .900 pure silver and comes to you in its original plastic holder and box, along with a mint-issued Certificate of Authenticity and Serial Number.

Originally minted in Carson City, Nevada, Morgan Silver Dollars rarely circulated outside of the great West due to their uncommon size and weight. Therefore, the vast majority of Morgan Dollars--hundreds of millions, in fact--made an unintended trek to the vaults of the U.S. Treasury, where they sat forgotten for nearly a century.

During an annual pre-Christmas inventory in November of 1962, an enormous number of uncirculated Morgan Dollars were discovered, safely tucked in their original mint bags. It wasn’t long before collectors and dealers got wind of the astonishing discovery, and quickly began exchanging silver certificates for $1000 bags of the rare Silver Dollars.

In 1968, Congress announced that silver certificates could no longer be redeemed for silver dollars, putting an end the the lucrative venture. After the announcement, the Treasury inventoried what was left of the hoard, finding 3,000 bags--roughly three million coins--including many with the desirable Carson City mint mark. Each Carson City coin was packaged in a hard plastic holder and put up for sale by the GSA from 1972 - 1980.

These near-flawless CC GSA Morgan Dollars take their name from British engraver George T. Morgan, who recruited Philadelphia schoolteacher Anna Willess Williams as the model for his beautiful Liberty design. The silver from these historical Morgan Dollars was mined from the Comstock Lode discovery near Carson City, Nevada., cementing their place as one of the most noteworthy coins in the history of American coinage.

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