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Crypto Currency Silver Rounds

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Crypto Currency-inspired Silver Rounds from Provident Metals

One of the most talked-about forms of currency in the world in the last decade, particularly since 2017, has been cryptocurrency. A digital form of currency stored in virtual wallets and tracked through transactions taking place on a global computer network known as a blockchain, cryptocurrency is removed from the control and oversight of sovereign governments and central banks. Perhaps the most unique facet of cryptocurrency is the lack of a physical form. Private mints began to change that, in a commemorative way, by issuing collectible silver rounds with designs inspired by various forms of cryptocurrency. Explore the options in the Provident Metals collection of cryptocurrency silver rounds.

Blockchain Mint Series

Silver rounds with cryptocurrency design themes have been available since roughly 2011. The number and variety have increased in recent years, however, with the Blockchain Mint Series representing one of the most diverse collections out there. Not only is the Blockchain Mint Series the most diverse collection, but it is also the newest series of silver rounds inspired by cryptocurrency. In the Blockchain Mint Series, you will find designs for the following forms of cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

Each of the releases featured its own unique obverse design boasting the trading symbol for the various forms of cryptocurrency, with a shared reverse design element. The reverse field of the rounds included a digital-coding element as a nod to the digital existence of all forms of cryptocurrency.

For each of the designs issued in the series, the Blockchain Mint offered the silver rounds as either proof or antique options. The proof silver rounds boasted frosted design elements and mirrored backgrounds, while the antique options had an old-world patina courtesy of a proprietary polish on the round before it was struck. The proof versions had a limited mintage of 2,500 silver rounds per release and the antique rounds had a limited mintage of just 1,000 per release.

All of the silver rounds in this series came with the same distinctive packaging from the Blockchain Mint. The rounds were available in individual packages that included a sealed plastic capsule card. The card included the Certificate of Authenticity information for each round with the weight, purity, and metal content.

History of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin was the very first form of cryptocurrency issued. Using blockchain technology to track each transaction around the globe, Bitcoin has a limited number of Bitcoins available to be released. It was developed by an individual many believe to be fictitious, Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin debuted in 2009 and the first recorded transaction using Bitcoin was for a pizza! Bitcoin’s appeal is the fact that there are no central banks or federal governments involved in manipulating its value or controlling its use. It offers the ability to anonymously exchange currency for goods.

Other Crypto Silver Rounds

The Blockchain Mint Series of cryptocurrency silver rounds are not the only options out there. Other previously-issued collections include those from the Anonymous Mint and other private mints, but many of these programs focused solely on Bitcoin and used varying designs such as the Bitcoin Guardian.

Purchasing Crypto Currency Silver Rounds from Provident Metals

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