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  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Rocket Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Provident Prospector Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Year of the Dragon Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Zombucks World Pandamonium Round New
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  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Party Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Zombucks World Kangaruin Round New
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  • 1 oz Silver Medieval Legends King Arthur Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Smiley Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Alien Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Frowny Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Emoji Skull Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver 2024 Year of the Dragon Round Lunar Series Card | SilverTowne
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  • 2 oz Silver Egyptian Gods Wadjet Round Ultra High Relief | SilverTowne
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  • 1 oz Silver Zombucks World Kookaburied Round New
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  • 1 oz Silver Year of the Rabbit Round New | SilverTowne
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  • 2 oz Silver Egyptian Gods Thoth Round Ultra High Relief | SilverTowne
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  • 2 oz Silver Antique Egyptian Gods Osiris Round Ultra High Relief | SilverTowne
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  • 2 oz Silver Egyptian Gods Sekhmet Round Ultra High Relief | SilverTowne
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  • 2 oz Silver Antique Egyptian Gods Wadjet Round Ultra High Relief | SilverTowne
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  • Provident Metals Silver Rounds

    At Provident Metals, we’re proud to carry a wide range of silver rounds for collectors who enjoy various design niches. From Ancient Egypt to the Wild West and Dragon lore to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, you will find a design series at Provident Metals that celebrates these various design concepts.

    Egyptian Gods Series

    The Egyptian Gods Series has proven to be one of the most popular recent silver round collections for silver enthusiasts. The collection offers 2 Troy oz of .999 pure silver with ultra-high-relief designs. The Egyptian Gods Series was first released in 2015 with a depiction of Cleopatra on the obverse of the round and additional imagery representing the well-known symbol of beauty on the reverse. In fact, each release in this collection came with design themes on the obverse and reverse that matched together. In most cases, the Egyptian God was depicted on the obverse in their respective human forms, with reverse designs showcasing either a piece of Egyptian mythology the figure was associated with or the animal figure that same god often took. The list of original releases includes the following:

    • Cleopatra
    • Anubis
    • Sobek
    • Khnum

    The series resumed in 2021 with new designs, such as the following:

    • Osiris
    • Sekhmet
    • Horus
    • Thoth
    • Wadjet

    Egyptian God Series silver rounds are available in Brilliant Uncirculated and Antique versions with each release, the latter boasting a matte visual element and the appearance of an old-world coin. Heidi Wastweet, an accomplished coin and medal designer with nearly two decades of experience working for sovereign and private mints, has created all of the designs featured to-date in this series. The ultra-high-relief strike of each release delivers greater depth to the background field and enhanced, raised relief for the design elements.

    Prospector Series

    One of Provident Metals’ most popular and wide-ranging collections has been the Prospector Series. Capitalizing on the continued popularity of the American West, the Prospector Series offers unique obverse design elements that are partnered with a common reverse across the series. The collection launched with a namesake design depicting a prospector on the hunt for the next gold or silver strike that would reverse his fortunes. From there, all the characters of the American West come to life in stunning designs. Available imagery to date in this series includes:

    • Prospector – the obverse of the prospector round captures the image of an old man who’s been at it for years trying to find that big haul of gold or silver. He walks along the banks of a river near a forested mountain range. With a pick ax in his left hand and a pan in his right, he’s looking for the right bend in the river to try and pan for gold. Behind him, a pack mule puts in hard work of its own carrying the prospector’s equipment.
    • Gunslinger – if there is one thing the Wild West was famous for, it was short tempers and a lack of swift reactions from law enforcement. Disagreements in the local saloon often spilled out into the streets. A well-known gunslinger might not take kindly to being called a cheat, and may have a reputation so impressive even the local sheriff is hesitant to step in and break up the fight. This design features a gunslinger with both pistols drawn and an unfortunate soul on the ground behind him who wasn’t quite fast enough on the draw.
    • Pony Express – long before telegraph lines reached the West, the US Postal Service had planes, and well before email, messages had to travel from East to West using the Pony Express. A precursor to the modern Postal Service, the Pony Express employed a series of horses and riders to pass notes with as much speed as the American West could accommodate to get notes from businesses, friends, and family out West to others back East. In this design, a rider moves along at great speed across the landscape as a steam train barrels down newly-laid track in the background. Ironically, that steam train would be one of the first things to make the Pony Express irrelevant.
    • Can Can Girl – after a long day of work panning for gold, working a silver mine, or even riding hard to deliver the mail, most people might enjoy a nice beer, strong belt of whiskey, or a game of cards at the local saloon. While there, maybe they could even take in a dancing line of Can Can Girls. The design in this release features a lone dancer with a man playing the piano in the background as the barkeep serves up drinks.

    While the Prospector Series has already offered some very impressive designs, the series isn’t complete yet. New designs are still in production and development, so keep an eye out for upcoming issues such as the Gambler and the Sheriff. All Provident Prospector Series rounds are available in both 1 oz silver and 1 oz copper options.

    Provident Lunar Series

    Another example of unique Provident Metals’ collections is the Provident Lunar Series. While mints around the globe, from the Royal Canadian Mint to the Royal Mint of England and the Perth Mint in Western Australia issue sovereign coin collections with lunar themes, few private mints and dealers collaborate on private collections. Provident Metals has done just that with its Provident Lunar Series, a collection that represents the crossroads of the Chinese lunar calendar and the Wild West. Each design comes with a date mark matching the Chinese Lunar Calendar dates and the representative animal from that year on the calendar. Examples of the designs available to-date in this series include:

    • 2020 Year of the Rat – Each design in the Provident Lunar Series comes with a unique design representing the animal from the Chinese lunar calendar to match that date mark. In this aggressive design, a rat is featured with its front teeth exposed as it threatens to chomp down on anyone that approaches it.
    • 2021 Year of the Bull – In the continuation of the Provident Lunar Series, the 2021 release comes with a powerful, muscular bull. Representative of the Year of the Ox, this design captures the raw power and impressive build of the ox. A long-standing farm animal among human civilizations, the ox shown here looks like it has little interest in being tamed for use on farms.
    • 2022 Year of the Tiger – For the third release, the Year of the Tiger design shows off the power and stealth of the Panthera tigris. The largest living wild cat species, the tiger is shown here in left-profile relief as it stalks its prey. The muscular frame of the tiger stays as low to the ground as possible as it prowls the jungle focusing on its next target.

    The Provident Lunar Series of silver bullion comes with both 1 oz silver rounds and 10 oz silver bars. Be on the lookout for more, fresh designs in this series as the Chinese Lunar Calendar continues.

    World of Dragons

    The six-design release of the World of Dragons Rounds comes with 1 oz silver and 1 oz copper options. Each design is released in both of these metals, with mintages for each release determined by the demand for the particular design. To date, the designs in this series include mythological depictions of the dragons from cultures around the world such as:

    • Aztec – The most prominent indigenous culture of the Western World, the Aztec Empire dominated Central America for decades. The design on the obverse features a powerful, winged dragon near an Aztec-styled pyramid.
    • Welsh – Few nations of Western Europe have a deeper connection to dragons than Wales. The nation, part of the United Kingdom, has a strong connection with the common European dragon. European depictions of the dragon showcase a powerful, angry beast with large wings and the ability to breathe fire.
    • Chinese – The Chinese dragon is unique among many of the dragon depictions from around the world. Chinese dragons are often shown in works of art as serpent-like beasts that have six legs and no wings.
    • Norse – Like the Welsh dragon, the Norse dragon is one of many from Western European mythology that has wings and the ability to breathe fire. The dragon shown here is set against a backdrop that includes various strikes of lightning.
    • Indian – An outlier on the Asian continent when it comes to mythology, India is represented in this series with a distinctive serpent-like beast and the notable Taj Mahal in the background field.
    • Egyptian – In the final release of the series, the Egyptian Dragon is shown with the Pyramids of Giza in the background. This serpent-like beast is shown with the headdress of a pharaoh.

    All rounds in the series come with the same reverse design element on the background field. The piercing gaze of a dragon’s eye is captured in the immediate foreground of the design. The scaly appearance of the dragon eye comes with inscriptions of “World of Dragons” and “One Ounce .999 Fine Silver.” The designs are also available in 1 oz copper.

    Collect Provident Metals Silver Rounds

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