06/21/2021 02:59:26 AM
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SilverTowne Silver Rounds

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Founded in 1949, Silvertowne Mint had humble beginnings and has since grown into one of America’s largest bullion dealers. Silvertowne started minting their own products in the early 70s and in 1985, the company relocated its manufacturing facility to its current location in Winchester, Indiana.

There, Silvertowne also houses their main retail showroom, but a wide selection of products is available online to investors and collectors around the globe. Many of Silvertowne’s most popular products can be found here on the Provident website.

We invite you to browse our selection of Silvertowne silver rounds, which capture a variety of designs to best serve the varying interests of consumers.

Why Buy Silver Rounds?

Silver rounds offer an easy, affordable way to invest in a precious metal that has maintained value since ancient times. Diversifying your portfolio with silver creates a hedge against inflation, offering protection that many other traditional investment options cannot. Visit our silver spot price chart page to watch the market for best times to buy and sell.