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2 oz Silver Rounds

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2 oz Silver Rounds at Provident Metals

Silver Coins will always be immensely popular. However, most popular silver coins only come in a 1 oz weight, such as the American Eagle Silver Coin. Silver Rounds give investors and collectors the ability to purchase silver in several unique sizes, such as a 2 oz weight. Learn more about 2 oz Silver Rounds, right here at Provident Metals.

Popular Individual Rounds

  • Salivate Metal Rounds: These rounds, produced by the Intaglio Mint, are popular for the story behind them. Salivate Metals was formed in 2013 as a YouTube channel dedicated to discussions about gold and silver bullion. Now, you can purchase a 2 oz round with their emblem on it.
  • Scottsdale Lion Stackers: The Scottsdale Mint is a highly popular private mint in Scottsdale, Arizona. In terms of Silver Rounds, they’re known for their stackers which display the well-known Scottsdale Lion on both sides. These stackers have one side which is concaved allowing you to stack multiples.

Popular Collections

  • Egyptian Gods: This popular series showcases unique obverse and reverse imagery for each release. Each unique round is a high-relief strike with the series solely producing images on 2 oz Silver Rounds.
  • Shield Stackers: Another unique option is the line of Shield Stackers from Today Ltd. These stickers are meant to be bought in multiples, allowing you to stack them on top of one another. The shield of Henry II, Achilles Shield, and the shield of St. Michael are all popular choices.
  • The Allegories: This collection comes from the Germania Mint. The series displays various global female personifications from various nations on 2 oz Silver Rounds. These rounds are also available in 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz weights.
  • Roman Booteen Series: These rounds from D’Anconia Mint are ultra high-relief specimens. Each round arrives in a presentation box along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each round is designed by Roman Booteen showcasing unique imagery such as the 7th circle of hell, and Baba Yaga.

Purchasing 2 oz Silver Rounds at Provident Metals

For any questions regarding 2 oz Silver Rounds, contact our customer service team at 1-800-313-3315. We can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.