2 oz Silver Rounds

While one ounce silver rounds are some of our most popular products, our assortment of two ounce silver rounds provides you with more options to build your investment portfolio. Silver is a favored precious metal for many investors due to its inherent value and affordability. Each of our two ounce silver rounds is made of at least .999 fine silver and produced at reputable minting facilities.

In addition to our standard two ounce rounds, we also offer several graded versions of these products, which is sealed in a plastic holder to preserve its graded condition.

What is a Silver Round?

Understanding the difference between a silver coin and a silver round can help you make smart investment decisions. A silver coin is produced by a sovereign mint and carries a legal tender value. A silver round is produced by a private mint and its value lies solely in the metal content. Coins may come with a higher premium than rounds of the same weight because of limited production and other factors. However, specialty and graded rounds may be worth more among collectors.

Two ounce silver rounds provide an affordable way to continue adding to your investment portfolio. In fact, many investors enjoy silver because it is easy to buy in increments over time. Many of the rounds we offer are eligible for a contribution to a precious metals IRA account as well, giving you more options for your financial decisions.

Why are Silver Rounds Valuable?

For centuries, silver has proven to have lasting value due to its many uses that stem from ornamental to medicinal to industrial. Silver rounds provide a simple method of buying and storing this precious metal. Graded rounds or those that are otherwise preserved may appreciate in value over time, especially if they are part of a limited series or unique in another way. Additionally, many people find value in buying silver rounds simply because they enjoy the beautiful designs. There are several aspects of buying bullion that makes these pieces valuable, which can be determined by your goals.

What is Spot Price?

The term “spot price” simply refers to the current value of a metal at any given time. These values fluctuate throughout the day in response to geopolitical and current events that affect the market. Provident provides a silver spot price chart that updates every minute in order to help you make the best investing decisions for your needs.

Why Choose Provident?

Our skilled Provident team is proud to offer a wide variety of precious metal bullion products at competitive rates. We value your needs as investors, along with your security. We are continually thinking of ways to improve your user experience on our website. That is why we provide fresh educational materials in our knowledge center and on our blog. We invite you to browse our catalog and if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service team during business hours.

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