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St. Helena Silver Coins

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St. Helena Silver Coins Available at Provident Metals

When it comes to investing in silver bullion, no nation is too small to have a footprint in the industry. Through its partnership with the East India Company, the island of St. Helena has issued a number of silver coin collections in recent years, including distinctive rectangular silver coins, with designs relevant to the rich history of this tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean. Take a moment and learn more about silver coins from St. Helena.

Trade Dollar Silver Coins

One of the first collections available from St. Helena and its partnership with the East India Company was the commemorative Trade Dollar Series. This collection of 1 oz silver coins from the East India Company offered a common obverse design with reverse design elements reflecting some of the most popular trade dollars of the mid-to-late 19th century. Included in the series were modern replicas of the historic images from the following trade dollars:

  • US Trade Dollar – Offered an image of Seated Liberty
  • British Trade Dollar – Featured the image of Britannia
  • French Trade Dollar – Depicted the French figure of Libertas
  • Chinese Trade Dollar – Replicated the Chinese Dragon
  • Japanese Trade Dollar – Showcased a Japanese Dragon

The designs in this series were inspired by actual trade dollar designs used throughout Asia and Southeast Asia to facilitate trade between foreign powers, foreign commercial enterprises, and the markets of China and other regional empires and city-states. 

Spade Guinea Silver Coins

The Spade Guinea Silver Coin series from St. Helena offers a modern take on a design once used on circulation gold coins on the island. The Spade Guinea was a British gold coin used largely in the 17th century. The Gold Guinea was used in commercial transactions throughout the British Empire and its colonies for more than 100 years. The modern silver bullion series issued by the East India Company and St. Helena replicates the famous reverse of the Spade Guinea, a coin issued late in the reign of King George III:

  • Reverse – on this side of the coin is the spade-shaped shield with the Royal Arms of England as carried by King George III. It depicts the Three Lions of England and Lion of Scotland in the first quadrant, the French fleur-de-lis in the second quadrant, the Harp of Ireland in the third quadrant, and the coat of arms of the House of Hanover in the fourth.
  • Obverse – this side of the coin features one of the two popular effigies of Queen Elizabeth II to grace St. Helena silver coins. This is the third-generation design used on British coins as designed in 1985 by Raphael Maklouf.

This series of silver bullion coins is available in 1 oz silver and 1/10 oz silver, with the 1 oz silver coin the first option introduced.

Queen’s Virtues Silver Coins

One of the newest series from St. Helena is the Queen’s Virtues Series. This six-coin collection offers unique reverse designs replicating allegorical figures found on the Queen Victoria Memorial in London. The figures were included in the design of the memorial following the Queen’s death in 1901 and are meant to reflect virtues that many saw in Queen Victoria herself. The debut coin featured the image of Victory in left-profile relief clutching a palm branch. Upcoming designs include:

  • Constancy
  • Courage
  • Justice
  • Truth
  • Charity

The obverse of the coins in this series features the same Raphael Maklouf design. The coins are available in 1 oz silver, 1 oz gold, and 1 oz platinum.

Rectangular East India Company Silver Coins

Another of the newest designs from the East India Company is a series of rectangular silver coins. Available in 250 Gram and 10 oz options, these pure silver coins have the look and shape of a traditional silver bar, with the added value of a face value assigned by the Issuing Authority of St. Helena that bestows legal tender status on the products. Regardless of weight, the design of the bars is the same, to include:

  • Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse in the Raphael Maklouf portrait. This design is enhanced with an oval-shaped portrait frame topped by the Imperial State Crown.
  • A sailing vessel similar to those used by the historic East India Company to facilitate trade between the home islands of the British Empire and its colonies and partners in Asia is shown on the reverse.

Other Silver Coins

The East India Company and St. Helena also partner on more distinctive, limited releases that are only available to mark certain occasions. One of the recent examples of this is the 2021 Napoleon Angel Silver Coin that was issued to mark the 200th anniversary of his death in exile, on the island of St. Helena no less, in 1821. The coin featured an honorary design on the reverse reflective of the angels that guard his tomb in a mausoleum in Paris at Les Invalides.

Invest in St. Helena Silver with Provident Metals

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