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Special Occasion BU Silver Eagles

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Special Occasion American Eagles

Hallmark might have the market cornered on greeting cards, but they don’t have anything on the Special Occasion cards available from Provident Metals. While those cards from the local retailer have funny sayings, Special Occasion clamshell cards from Provident Metals come with the best gift of all: the American Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin. Our lineup of festive new card designs offers individually packaged American Eagle Silver Coins in cards celebrating everything from religious holidays and national festivals to new births, birthdays, and even the United States of America. Find out more about our new Special Occasion clamshells featuring the American Eagle Silver Coin.

Clamshell Cards

With each Special Occasion card you purchase from Provident Metals, you will receive a unique card design with an American Eagle 1 oz Silver BU coin sealed in plastic at the center. Each card has a distinct design on the front face with matching background colors on both the front and back of the card. While the front of the cards offers differing designs, the back of each card features only the hallmarks of the coins. This includes 1 OZ AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE and .999 FINE SILVER.

New Births

There are fewer moments in life greater than welcoming a new life into this world. Whether you’re welcoming your first child, grandchild, nephew, niece, or simply the child of a close friend, you can welcome that child to this world with an American Eagle Silver Coin. Our selection includes the perfect designs to let the world know It’s a Girl or It’s a Boy. The cards have pink hues on the It’s A Girl card and blue hues on the It’s A Boy card, with background designs befitting any child’s room.


What better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than with an American Eagle Silver Coin packaged in a Happy Birthday clamshell card. These generic Happy Birthday cards offer varying designs with background visuals that include elements such as birthday cakes, candles, wrapped gifts, party hats, streamers, and more!

Patriotic Cards

The American Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin in a clamshell is the perfect way to celebrate the history of and show your love for the United States of America. Our available card designs celebrate our nation’s flag and make the perfect gift for national holidays like Veteran’s Day and Independence Day, but can also be used on humbler occasions, such as gifting to a service member who has sacrificed their time in service to this great country. The available designs include a representation of the American flag in brilliant red, white, and blue colors, or an American flag with a black camouflage design pattern.

Holidays and Festivals

Provident Metals also has Special Occasion clamshell cards available for a variety of other holidays, from religious celebrations and festivals to national holidays and other celebrations. Some of the first designs available in this range include the following options:

  • He is Risen: this special Easter-themed design recalls the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Three days after his resurrection, Jesus rose from the dead and left his tomb on what is now celebrated as Easter Sunday. The design on this card offers a view from inside his tomb. The rock has been rolled away as you look out at the sun rising over the crosses at Calvary in the distance.
  • Happy Easter: this festive Easter design offers an Easter basket visual that puts the sealed American Eagle Silver Coin at the center of the straw basket. Around the coin’s position, you will notice several colored Easter eggs with a floral blue filling the design field.
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day: they say the average Leprechaun’s pot is full of gold, but this St. Patrick’s Day you can celebrate with a little bit of silver instead. This green card has a festive Happy St. Patrick’s Day greeting with three-leaf clovers and a Leprechaun hat.

Just to say Thank You

No one ever said you needed a special event to give the gift of silver. If someone has recently helped you out around the house, completed a project, or offered you general support in a time of need, you can say thank you with an American Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin. The Thank You card has a simple, elegant text that says THANK YOU on the card.

Get Special Occasion American Eagles at Provident Metals

These fun new Special Occasion clamshells are now available at Provident Metals. Please feel free to contact us with any questions by calling 800-313-3315, chatting with us live online, or simply sending us an email with your inquiries. If you have questions related to payment options, we invite you to first visit our Payment Policies page. If you can’t find the answers you need here, then please feel free to reach out to our customer service team through the options mentioned above.