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Keep your Coin Collection intact for Generations to Come

At Provident Metals, we appreciate your need to safely store, preserve and display your valuable coin collection. In answer to this growing need, we are committed to providing a wide variety of Coin Supplies to ensure your investment is intact for future generations.

Indeed, preserving and collecting coins is a fascinating hobby. Not only do Bullion Coins prove a valuable, keen investment, but many collectors take great interest in the peerless art and history contained within rare and antique coins. Yet your beloved coins are made from highly-reactive metals, leaving them vulnerable to natural elements. Furthermore, proof and gold coins that are marked, tarnished or scratched depreciate in value.

Consequently, the faithful collector takes an assortment of precautions in handling, storing and displaying their investment: wearing gloves to handle every coin; avoiding extreme temperatures or humidity; and protecting coins from the dirt and grit from fingers. One of the best ways to preserve your precious investment is to avoid over-handling and store each coin inside one of the Tubes, Holders, Albums, Flips or Snaplocks available through Provident Metals.

To this end, Provident Metals is proud to carry Air-Tite Holders, a whole host of Coin Tubes, US Mint Gift Boxes and Monster Boxes, various Loupes and Magnifiers, Latex Finger Cots, White Cotton Gloves, Wooden and Leatherette Display Boxes, Dansco Coin Albums, Cardboard Coin Holders, a variety of Flips, Totes and Canvas Bags, The 2012 Redbook and other helpful coin guides, Harris Frosty Cases and Snaplock Holders--to name but a few.

For collectors interested in our assortment of Coin Supplies, please take a moment to peruse our convenient website. By utilizing Provident Metals’ secure online ordering system, you will have access to the most affordable, timely shipping on the market.

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