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Whether to store, preserve, display or ship your numismatic and bullion coins, the name Air-Tite has grown synonymous with Coin Holder. Indeed, when encasing your American Eagles, South African Gold Krugerrands, Canadian Gold Maples, Austrian Philharmonics, Australian Kangaroos, Half Dollars, 1 Ounce Silver Bars and even Casino Game Tokens, the Air-Tite Holders available at Provident Metals make a safe home for virtually all of your United States and Foreign Coins.

Air-Tite Coin Holders are made from clear, acrylic plastic that contain a non-yellowing agent to help maintain the Holders’ clarity. The ring spacers in each Air-Tite is made from a cross-linked polyethylene, making the entire Holder PVC-Free, keeping your coins from the grips of the nefarious “green-goo.”

Available in a wide range of sizes, Air-Tite Holders are an exceptional way to package and preserve all of your valuable coins. They are molded to snap snugly around your coin, providing a hard, protective shell. The durable casing safeguards your coins from overhandling, while defending them against nicks and dents.

Air-Tite brand launched in 1980 when founder Norman W. Therrien decided it was time "to provide a practical solution to an age-old problem." The problem? Protecting and storing the vast array of world coins, new and old. Rather than undertaking the insurmountable task of producing a separate Holder for each and every existing coin, Therrien designed the ingenious ring system with Holder subgroups, each fitting a variety of coin sizes. More than 30 years later, every United States coin--and most world coins and medallions--have the perfect Air-Tite to fit its individual size and shape.

Collectors, coin dealers, suppliers and both private and government mints the world over utilize Air-Tite supplies, one of the most respected, widely-used brands in the industry. For more information on our large selection of Air-Tite brand Holders, Display Cases and Cap-Tubes, take a moment to browse our convenient website. Take advantage of our bulk and cash-discount prices, along with the most affordable, speedy shipping on the market.

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