H.E. Harris Frosty Coin Holders: Great Gift Displays

Spread the Bounty: Gift Your Coins in HE Harris Frosty Cases

As an investor, you appreciate the inherent value of gold and silver coins: they serve as a tangible asset while providing a safe store of value in times of economic uncertainty. Furthermore, gold, silver and other metals are also an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and thanks to the intrinsic value of coins, they assure stability and a long-term peace of mind.

Possessing this wealth of information, a desire to spread the bounty amongst loved ones is irresistible. For attractive gift-giving and display,

Provident Metals carries a vast selection of HE Harris Frosty coin holders for your Morgan Dollars, American Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars and more. Built to last, HE Harris Frosty Cases snap snugly around each coin, while boasting a frosted, beveled edge and colorful inserts, great for gift-giving, collecting and display.

HE Harris & Co. was founded by Henry Ellis Harris (1902 – 1977), an avid stamp collector and dealer who brought philately (or stamp collecting) to mainstream America. Harris opened his first Boston-based retail store in 1921, establishing an abiding dedication to fabricating quality stamp and coin collecting supplies. In 1979, Harris was posthumously inducted into the American Philatelic Society Hall of Fame for his lifelong work.

For effortless, long-term protection in a compact, attractive display--all at an affordable price--HE Harris Frosty Cases safeguard and preserve your coins, while making a stellar gift to boot. Browse our convenient website to take advantage of our bulk and cash discount prices, along with the most timely, affordable shipping on the market.

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