Hard Plastic Snap-Tite Coin Holders

To individually store a variety of coins, such as your American Silver Eagles, Silver Dollars, Half Dollars and others, pick up the Marcus 2x2 Snap-Tite Coin Holders now available at Provident Metals. For effortless, long-term protection in a compact, attractive display--all at a reasonable price--Snap-Tite Containers are great for safeguarding and preserving a multitude of uncirculated and proof coins.

Marcus Snap-Tite Holders are manufactured from precision-molded polystyrene that will not mar your precious coins, making them excellent for long-term storage, organization and display. Simple to use, Snap-Tite Coin Holders come in two halves that securely snap around an individual coin, harboring it within an airtight double seal, leaving no room for your coins to shift, jostle or rub against each other. With an attractive frosted background and a crystal-clear window, your coins can be viewed and transported with virtually no handling, keeping fingerprints and other damage at bay.

Indeed, the grit and oil from eager-to-examine fingers, alongside extreme temperatures, chemicals and humidity, all do grave damage to your coins, while gold and proof coins suffering discoloration, scratches or marks depreciate in value--diminishing your investment. Storing coins in paper or cardboard, which disintegrate over time, releases corrosive chemicals, which permeate the delicate surfaces of your coins, causing them to tarnish and discolor. Furthermore, these conventional storage methods can be cumbersome and awkward, making it incredibly taxing to organize, store and even retrieve your coins.

To safely house your beloved bullion and numismatic coins, choose from Provident Metals’ selection of Edgar Marcus Snap-Tite 2x2 Coin Holders. Take advantage of our bulk and cash discount prices, along with prompt, affordable shipping--all available by utilizing our easy-to-use online ordering system.

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