20x Magnified Loupes For Coin Collecting

A 20x Loupe is a simple, easy-to-use magnifying tool to examine the hard-to-see details on the surface of your coins, paper currency, gemstones, jewelry and even collectible stamps. Provident Metals’ selection of 20 Power Loupes--which help you evaluate the grade, condition and authenticity of coins--are available in an array of sizes, shapes, makes and models.

As many investors know, identifying wear on the surface of a coin is key in classifying its grade. Yet while scratches, nicks and other imperfections depreciate the value of a coin, detecting damage and even counterfeits can be close to impossible with the naked eye alone. The Loupe is therefore one the chief tools used for grading, assessing and even admiring your valuable investment.

The lens--which takes its name from the Latin word for lentil--is an optical device used to channel and refract light, bending its beams and forcing them into a point. Some of the lens’ earliest roots can be traced to the 3000-year-old Assyrian Nimrud Lens, rock crystals that harnessed sunlight, starting much-needed fires. After three millennia, the lens is used in innumerable ways: compact discs, microscopes, eyeglasses, lasers, cameras, contact lenses, telescopes and of course the numismatist’s Loupe.

Provident Metals’ convenient 20x Loupes help you meticulously inspect the details of your coins. Indeed, when it comes to assessing the coins you already own, determining if you should buy or to admire the lovely details of a favorite coin or gem, 20 Power Loupes make it easy. For more information on our wide range of products, as well as bulk and cash discount pricing, please take a moment to browse our website and take advantage of the most timely, affordable shipping on the market.

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