Combination Loupes & Magnifiers For Coin Collecting

Whether to expose miniscule scratches and wear, find errors, reveal counterfeits or attribute die varieties, a Combination Magnifier makes grading your coins a manageable pursuit. Indeed, these handy tools, which can be used to examine your coins, gems, jewelry, paper currency and collectible stamps, are available through Provident Metals in a variety of makes and models.
Combination Magnifiers make it possible to view the itty-bitty details on the surface of your coins. Whether evaluating the coins you own, determining which coins to buy, or sitting down to scrutinize the lovely designs of your coins, Combination Magnifiers can help you do just that. Granting you the flexibility of having multiple lenses in one portable device--and the ability to use more than one lens in conjunction with another--Combination Magnifiers allow you to view your coins at 5x, 10x, 15x and 20x powers.

The lens--which was named for its look-alike, the lentil--is an optical tool used to channel and refract light, curving its beams and forcing them into a focal point. Indeed, the magnifiers available at Provident Metals contain this ingenious discovery, one with roots traced to ancient Athenian playwright Aristophanes, who developed the first known magnifying device for writing his famous comedies. The Nimrud Lens, first used 3000 years ago, is an Assyrian rock crystal used to harness sunlight and ignite invaluable fires. Furthermore, Viking excavations in a harbour town in Sweden revealed rock-crystal Visby lenses, also used for fires a millennia ago. Sixteen centuries later, eyeglasses were devised in thirteenth-century Italy, an invention used by millions to this day.

The multi-use Combination Magnifiers available at Provident Metals come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and powers. Indeed, finding the ideal Combination Magnifier for all your collecting needs has never been more simple.

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