Canadian Gold & Silver Maple Coin Tubes

Secure Long-Term Storage of your Canadian Maples with Coin Tubes

Buying Gold and Silver Canadian Maples is only one step toward maintaining a fruitful, long-term investment. Indeed, the moment any coin arrives on your doorstep, the need for proper storage is immediate. Provident Metals carries a myriad of Coin Tubes to securely stow your Canadian Maples, preserving them for future generation.

Cardboard and paper storage methods are great for short term display, but they break down over time, leaking acidic chemicals onto the surface of your Maples--often causing “green goo” and depreciating the value of your hard-earned investment. These short-term storage methods can also be bulky and inconvenient, making them difficult to store and transport. Canadian Maple Coin Tubes are compact and stackable, making storage a breeze, while protecting your coins from chemical damage, as well as nicks, dings and dirt from eager fingers.

First minted in 1979, Gold Canadian Maples ushered in a tradition of exceptional Canadian coinage, quickly followed by the Silver Maple in 1988. Each features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse, and the Maple Leaf, Canada’s national symbol, on the reverse. The Royal Canadian Mint uses only first-rate coin blanks to produce each Maple, a standard by which other coins are measured worldwide.

Stow your Canadian Maples in these stalwart coin tubes and safeguard your investment for generations to come. Use our secure online ordering system and rest assured your personal information is protected, while taking advantage of the most timely, affordable shipping on the market.

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