Buy Penny Tubes and Effectivly Protect your Penny Collection from Costly Damage

While working to become a connoisseur of all-things-coin, you have discovered the importance of securing safe, convenient storage for all of your favorite coins--including your United States Pennies. Indeed, humidity, extreme temperatures and the dirt and grit from fingers can harm your precious coins and, because they are composed of highly reactive metals (like copper), your Pennies are doubly vulnerable to incidental chemical damage.

To assist you in the safe storage of your United States One-Cent Coins--colloquially called the Penny--Provident Metals is delighted to carry Penny Tubes to store and preserve your Pennies and Small Cent Coins, as well as Provident Metals’ extremely popular One-Tenth Ounce Incused Indian Silver Rounds.

After extended periods of time, traditional storage materials used to house collectible coins--such as paper and cardboard--disintegrate, leaking acidic chemicals onto your Copper Pennies. This causes discoloration, oxidation and spots, which depreciate their value. Not only can these storage methods damage your favorite coins, but they can be inconvenient and awkward to store, taking up large amounts of space. The stackable, square-shaped Penny Tubes available at Provident Metals make storage and transport a snap.

The famous American Penny has featured the distinguished profile of President Abraham Lincoln since 1909, the design created to celebrate the centennial of his birth. As the first regular-issue coin to bear the portrait of anyone other than Liberty, the design received considerable attention.

Prior to 1959, the Penny’s reverse featured the delicate wheat stalks design. From 1959 - 2008, to commemorate the President’s sesquicentennial, the coin’s reverse bore a very tiny Lincoln Memorial. Four new reverse designs were created to honor Lincoln's 200th birthday in 2009 and in 2010, the Union Shield was permanently introduced as the reverse of the United States One-Cent Coin.

To store your Flying Eagle (1856–1858), Indian Head (1859–1909), Lincoln Wheat (1909–1958), Lincoln Memorial (1959–2008), Lincoln Bicentennial Designs (2009), Lincoln Union Shield Pennies (2010–Present), or your 1/10 Ounce Incused Indian Silver Rounds, purchase the Penny Tubes available at Provident Metals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find the ideal method of storing and preserving all of your Penny Coins. Take a moment to browse Provident Metals’ convenient website and take advantage of our bulk and cash-discount prices, along with the most affordable, speedy shipping on the market.

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