Buy Nickel Tubes and Protect your Nickel Collection From Costly Damage

Some of the customary means of storing coin collections--such as cardboard and paper--can be wonderful for display and short-term storage, but these materials can also disintegrate over time, leaking acidic chemicals onto the surface of your Nickels. This leakage often causes oxidation, spots and even discoloration. Provident Metals therefore carries CoinSafe Brand Nickel Tubes to safely store your collectible Nickel and Nickel-Sized Coins.

The CoinSafe Nickel Tubes available at Provident Metals protect your coins from chemical contamination, while their square shape makes them stackable and compact, convenient to store and transport. With a hard, protective shell, our selection of Nickel Tubes also safeguard your coins against nicks and dents, which depreciate their value. CoinSafe Nickel Tubes fit up to 40 of your prized Nickels, making them an exceptional solution to any storage requirement.

From 1930-2003, Felix Schlag’s design adorned the Nickel, including a distinctive profile of Thomas Jefferson, adapted from a marble bust by Jefferson’s contemporary, Jean-Antoine Houdon. The design also featured Jefferson’s Virginia Estate, Monticello, on the its reverse.

For the 2004 - 2005 issues, the Nickel’s design celebrated the bicentennials of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, along with the great Louisiana Purchase. They were quickly dubbed the Westward Journey Nickel Series. In 2006, a new design was devised, featuring a forward-facing Jefferson on the obverse.

Whether your Indian Head/Buffalo Nickels designed by James Earle Fraser (1913–1938), War Nickels (1942–1945), Jefferson Nickels (1938–2003), Westward Journey Nickel Series or your Forward-Facing Jefferson Nickels (2006–present), each of the lovely coins in which you’ve invested should be handled and stored with care, safely tucked into one of the Nickel Tubes available at Provident Metals.

Take the opportunity to safely store and organize all of your favorite Nickels by purchasing CoinSafe Tubes from Provident Metals. Take a moment to browse our convenient website and take advantage of our excellent bulk and cash-discount pricing, along with the most cost-efficient, timely shipping on the market.

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