Plastic Fractional Size Currency Holders

Your Fractional Notes are delicate works of art, each bearing a unique story behind its design and historical purpose. Yet direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, humidity and the wear from circulation can degrade your fragile bills. Provident Metals carries Fractional Holders--widely referred to as Bill Holders, Currency Sleeves or Bill Guards--to provide simple, cost-effective protection for your Fractional Bills, Military Payment Coupons and many Foreign Notes.

Indeed, as a dedicated collector, you take a variety of precautions to preserve your paper currency: you wear gloves to handle each bill; you keep them away from extreme temperatures, sunlight and humidity; and you even allow the professionals to do all repairs and cleaning. Yet one of the best ways you can preserve your aging bills is to bypass over-handling and place each note inside a safe and practical Holder.

Fractional Notes are most simply defined as United States Bills with a face value of less than a dollar. The scarcity of metal coins during the Civil War, worsened by public hoarding and metal shortages, meant merchants could no longer dispense change to their customers. In response, the United States government issued Paper Fractional Bills in 1862. Printed in 3, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50-cent denominations, these colorful notes bear dates from 1862 to 1876. Based on their significance in American history and government policy, Fractional Currency is increasingly collectable today.

For collectors interested in Fractional Holders, take a moment to browse Provident Metals’ convenient website and take advantage of our cash-discount and bulk pricing. By using our secure online ordering system, you can access the most timely, affordable shipping on the market.

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