Silver Half Dollars

Collectors and investors alike, looking for pre-1965 United States 90% pure silver coinage, will find buying 90 % half dollars extremely easy through provident metals dynamic ordering module. Made from 90% pure silver, these junk coins were in circulation from 1796 through 1964.

In 1964, after the assassination of the President John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy Half dollar was introduced to the American public. Millions of the 90% silver coins were immediately bought by coin collectors from all around the world and a very limited quantity went out into circulation. Minted in Denver and San Francisco, the half dollar depicts the left portrait of the JFK designed by Gilroy Roberts on the obverse and a modified presidential seal designed by Frank Gasparro on the reverse. The previously 90% silver half dollars were reduced to 40% silver in 1965 due to the high price of silver, making it the only US Coin to contain silver after 1964. The first clad Kennedy half dollars were minted in the Denver mint in 1971.

The Franklin Half dollar features Benjamin Franklin’s right portrait on the obverse and the Liberty Bell with a small eagle to its right on the reverse. The Franklin half dollar 90% silver coins were struck in the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints.

Another 90% silver half dollar, considered to be one of the most ornately designed silver coins United States mint has ever struck, features Lady Liberty walking and holding an olive branch. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar and was minted from 1916 through 1947. Junk 90 % halves make an excellent hedge against inflation, essentially protecting your investment portfolio from inflation in an economically unstable world. Buy Junk 90 % half dollars in quantities a little as $1 face and invest in a tangible asset guaranteed to preserve your buying power at an affordable on any budget.

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