US Cents

US Cents Add History to Your Collection and Metal to Your Portfolio

Provident Metals carries an ample selection of worldwide coins. From Australia to Russia to Mexico and beyond, we are proud to offer a diverse range of coins, including Cents minted by the United States.

In 1784, Thomas Jefferson championed the decimal system for American currency--originally modeled after the Spanish Real--and mintage began in 1792. A continued tradition for over 220 years, Provident Metals handles a variety of historical United States Cents: Indian Head Cents, Three-Cent Nickel Pieces, various Bags of Lincoln Wheat Cents, Bags of 1943 Lincoln Steel Cents and more.

The Indian Head Cent, often referred to as an Indian Penny , was produced at the Philadelphia Mint from 1859 - 1909. Designed by James Barton Longacre, Indian Head Cents replaced the Flying Eagle, which often broke dies, making it difficult to strike. The new, more centrally-placed design of the Indian Head Cent was easier to produce and quickly entered circulation.

The Three Cent Coin was initially proposed in 1851, mainly because of a decrease in postage costs, while fulfilling the need for small-denomination coins. Later, Civil War silver shortages led to the hoarding of silver, one and five cent coins. In 1865 the Three Cent Nickel Piece was produced and, though it was not intended as a permanent issue, the coin was minted until 1889.

Lincoln Wheat Cents, minted from 1909 - 1958, are also available in various conditions. Both the obverse and reverse of the coin was designed by Victor David Brenner to celebrate the centennial of President Lincoln’s birth. One of the first American coins to depict the image of a historical person, Brenner included ears of durum wheat on the reverse, lending it the name Lincoln Wheat Cent.

Provident Metals also carries various-sized Bags of Lincoln Steel Cents, exclusively minted in 1943. Often called a Steel War Penny or Steelie, the coin was produced due to copper shortages during WWII. Composed of 100% steel covered in a thin layer of zinc, the temporary coin was a replica of Brenner’s Copper Penny.

For those with a particular interest in the illustrious history of American Coinage, take a moment to browse our selection of United States Cents (available both individually and in bags), and take advantage of the most timely, economical shipping on the market.

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