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Each William Tell Shooting Thaler Platinum coin is composed of 1 troy ounce of .9995 fine platinum bullion. Coins may arrive in either uncirculated or proof condition.

Dates and designs will vary and are our choice.

Celebrate a fifteenth-century hero — and a diverse investment portfolio — with a William Tell Shooting Thaler 1 oz Platinum coin.

Each coin honors the Swiss hero and is composed of .9995 pure platinum, a particularly rare metal. The coins were created by private mints, only used as legal tender during the William Tell Festival.

The obverse features an image of Tell with his famous bow and arrow. The reverse includes the traditional Swiss coat of arms over crossed muskets, surrounded by the crests of 23 Swiss states.

William Tell is a semi-legendary character from Swiss history. He was a rebel against an invading lord, refusing to bow to the usurper. As punishment, the crossbowman was required to shoot an apple off the head of his son in a single shot. If he missed, both Tell and his son would be killed.

Tell accomplished the feat, keeping a second bolt near at hand. When asked why, Tell said he was preparing to shoot the lord in case he missed. Furious, the lord had Tell tied up and taken by ship to the lord’s castle.

A fierce storm broke out, and the ship was nearly lost. So the sailors released Tell, begging him to use his expert skills to pilot the ship. Tell steered the ship to a rocky outcropping and leaped overboard to safety. He then chased down the tyrant lord and assassinated him, sparking a rebellion.

William Tell remains a symbol of rebellion in Switzerland and Europe. His story is famous worldwide, not just for his heroism but also for the operatic [i]William Tell Overture[/i], a musical riff also used as the opening for [i]The Lone Ranger.[/i]

This is an “our choice” offer, so dates and designs will vary. All coins are made of .9995 platinum and make a great investment. Coins may come in uncirculated or proof condition.

Order your William Tell Shooting Thaler 1 oz Platinum coin from Provident Metals today.

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Availability Out of Stock
Platinum Content 1 troy oz
Composition .9995 Fine Platinum
Condition Uncirculated
Mint Foreign
SKU BBFP-02792
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