1 oz OPM Gold Bar | .9999 Fine in Certicard® with QR Code

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Quick Overview

Buy OPM 1 oz Gold Bars for as low as only $17.95 Over Spot!

Each American Made OPM gold bar is composed of 1 Troy Ounce of .9999 fine gold bullion. OPM gold bars bear a hallmark with weight and purity as well as a unique serial number and QR Code. These bars are housed in a durable Certicard to provide lasting preservation and security via blister tamper evidence and UV light integrity seal verification features. This bar boasts a combination of features that will prove to be the most secure gold bar on the market.

OPM 1 oz Gold bars are ISO9001 and SCS Certified and are therefore eligible to be stored in your self directed IRA account!

Product Description

Proudly made in the USA, Provident Metals now carries Ohio Precious Metals Gold Bars, each containing 1 Troy Ounce of .9999 Fine Gold Bullion—ISO9001 Certified and eligible for your Self-Directed IRA.

Each newly-released OPM Gold Bar comes in a Certicard®, the industry's safest security case, for long term storage and safekeeping. Each bar also comes with a variety of security features, including UV light integrity seal verification, an individualized serial number, a unique QR code and blister tamper evidence.

1 oz OPM Gold Bars are made of recycled gold and have been certified green by SCS, a global leader in sustainability and certifier of choice for recycled precious metals. SCS assists companies, policymakers and government agencies in obtaining accountability—along with a healthy competitive edge.

Ohio Precious Metals is America’s largest gold and silver refiner, providing a variety of services, including high- and low-grade refining and bullion products, to the precious metals industry. Working from its cutting edge, 168,000 square foot facility based in Jackson, Ohio, OPM is committed to responsible sourcing, a hallmark of its long-held business philosophy.

Secure your 1 oz OPM Gold Bar today before supplies run out. Use our secure online ordering system and your gold bullion bar will arrive in just days.

Additional Information

IRA Approved Yes
Denomination $1.00
Condition New
Composition .9999 Fine Gold
Mint/Brand OPM
Actual Gold Weight Ozt 1 ozt
Availability In Stock
SKU BBPG-02169
  1. Entire Process was Flawless
    Sir Williamon 4/10/15
    Extremely skeptical being my first time buying 1oz bar, but reading the reviews from everyone helped reassure me. After having no issues with the 1oz bar, went ahead and purchased silver. Silver purchase process just as flawless as gold.

    Overall the process was easy, smooth, well worth it!

    Keep up the good work!
  2. I am in love with this bar!
    Matthewon 1/15/15
    This is my first 1oz gold bar, and I couldn't be happier. Everything has an excellent presentation, from the bar itself, to the assay case it's housed in. I am convinced this is the best way to purchase and store wealth in gold!
  3. Gold is gold, why pay more?
    Josephon 11/4/14
    I have many of these OPM 1oz gold bar and several various other brands as well. The truth is gold is gold. I got the other brands more as collector's items than the best investment. When it comes down to accumulating gold, these OPM gold bars are the way to go. They have all the security features to guarantee their fineness and weight and are numbered. The price over spot is low and OPM is a well known and secure company. You simply get more gold for the buck, and like I said, gold is gold.
  4. Smooth Transaction
    MEETA NAGPALon 10/11/14
    First order for me- excellent experience- used Amex Card to pay- item shipped next day- arrived in 3 days- tracked all the way. In perfect condition, good no-nonsense gold bar at low premium. Wish shipping was a bit cheaper, but maybe their margins are low.....
  5. Outstanding value
    Barryon 10/11/14
    I'm a 1st time buyer who has a phobia about banks & paper money. I base this maybe in learning too much history. Circa post WW l Germany (also known as the Viemar Republic). German economy was in such a super recession (& the U.S. is closing in on that quickly). The prices of food, petroleum products, medicine were through the roof. Sound familiar? I remember a picture from my 8th grade world history book of a woman pushing a contractor size wheelbarrow full of paper currency to the bakery to buy one loaf of bread. To have remembered this for over 50 years was a feat in itself but told me of the evils of printing money can do. That is our government's answer to our mounting debt. Print more money and the food & gasoline prices keep pace. Suppose it peaks like the ViemarViemar Republic. The price of bread will skyrocket until the economy bursts. Then you will have depression as they did for 10 years in the U.S. The paper money system we now have will go by the way of history books. So I took an annuity I had that was under a 5 yr. Contract that started at 5% decreasing each year to the 1/4% today. I cashed it all in. and was looking for the most bang for my buck & I settled on OPM, in my own backyard. These one troy oz.gold bars are big enough, .999 pure gold with the imprinted numbers matching the certi card from OPM. I scrutinized each bar with a 5x LED lit glass and found absolutely no marks, dents or ANY type of damage. I'm not real big into paying a company to hel0 them pay for a fancy die when they start stamping. OPM looks brilliant and has a nice enough of a design. I bought this gold for one reason; its not paper. I still left 2/3 of my IRA alone & haven't needed to touch it for the 5 years since I retired. Yet if the bottom DOES fall out of this economy, I won't be left out in the cold. I did 6 mos. of research and will ALWAYS buy OPM gold or Provident's bars made by OPM also, whoever has the lowest spot price when I'm ready to buy again. I'm only hoping I'm wrong and can pass these on to my children when I go but if I'm correct, just possessing gold in a depression will make me a wealthy man. This will still allow me to go on with my life, one way or another in no matter the economy because possessing gold is a great backup. Provident Metals is the only company that I'll buy from. During these last 6 months, I held the cash, daily checking prices of these ones I see on TV advertising all the time comparing them to Provident Precious Metals & EVERYTIME (daily) I checked, Provident had the lowest prices whether it be by a quarter or $10.00/bar, Provident will be the only company I'll EVER BUY FROM. They accommodated my request to ship them by U.S.P.S. My reasoning was so: if I was still sleeping when the mailman came, the post office is one block from my house & all I had to do was swing by with the card I had to present & sign for the pkg. & home I went. If it was UPS or FedEx, both are equally 26 mi. from my house so in my truck round trip, add $40.00 for gas but they said they would send it all through U.S.P.S. BE PATIENTPATIENT!! I used a personal check but if you check the price difference, it's cheaper to use a personal check (or money order I believe). Yes, it takes maybe 3 or 4 more days for your order to get to you but I'm just trying to save you a few bucks anyway I can. I've ordered silver I believe in 10 oz. bars from OPM as a "trial run" to see the packaging & shipping. Provident takes pride at every station the product passes through. Both silver 2 mo. ago and my gold which I ordered 9/24/14 & received it yesterday (total 16 days). All products I received were secured with silk string fiber tape I was glad I had just purchased a new pocket knife to get into the plain box & ta0e it came in! After getting into both boxes & pulling out the packing the envelopes came right out containing the mint sealed Certicard matching the stam0ed # into the bar itself proving its .999% purity. I also purchased a green Monster Boxes from OPM through Provident that are slotted, each holding 25 bars of gold. Good luck, read & learn What you are buying and Why you are buying it but there is nothing that looks prettier than gold bars as a financial fallback in case of emergency!!
    Alexanderon 8/13/14
    I am new to gold investing and doing some research I found the OPM 1oz bars to be an excellent product for the money. I could not justify paying a higher premium for other bars just because of their brand name recognition? I ordered four 1oz OPM bars and they came to my office in a discrete package. The assayer cards were in mint condition with no dings or scratches on the bars. Very happy with Provident Metals and would recomend them to anyone.
  7. Excellent
    Danon 3/14/14
    OPM was a great choice! Low premium, troy ounce, .9999 purity, certified and made in the USA! What's not to like? When it's all said and done gold is gold. It took a couple of weeks to ship, which was fine. Once shipped it arrived in one or two days!
  8. Great product, but the packaging...
    Chandleron 10/12/13
    Excellent bar for a low premium, but the laminate seal on the bar is separating a bit on two of the corners and next to the hard plastic the bar is in. Not Provident's fault per se, but it is annoying getting a damaged product (aesthetically at least). The shipping however, was quick and precise as always from PM. I highly recommend this bar as a way to stack some gold bullion.
  9. Real Money! Not so Fast
    C Eon 7/31/13
    1st Gen bar I have ever owned. I picked mine up @$15 over spot. Bar as pictured. No real art to the design, but still nice looking. Wish I could have 23 more.
    Like most reading here, I looked at many options, we've done our research and found PM to be your most cost effective option when it comes to the quality/security features OPM builds in this 1oz wealth storage pack. oh! and the Fractional Maple leafs are a steal!
  10. Provident is The BEST
    Louison 7/10/13
    I have bought quite a bit, for me, of product here. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how competent they are! It may take a week or two to receive my order, but it always arrives in the best condition. I recently purchased this bar along with their 10oz silver bar. Both bars were packaged securely in multiple padded envelopes, not just thrown in a box.
    This is a company that cares about their customers and their satisfaction.
    Thank you!!!!!
  11. Great price for a great bar.
    Aaronon 4/19/13
    Shipment was very fast and the bar looked just like the picture above. I am very happy with this purchase
  12. Great first experience
    Ryanon 3/28/13
    This was my first gold purchase and I very happy with it. I like the security features of the assayer card. My bars showed up in the mail within a few days and they were very well packaged.
  13. Germany should get on this!
    Javieron 3/13/13
    Awesome bar. this is my first piece of gold, and it's only $20 above spot!

    What's not to like? It's Gold, shiny, and comes in an assayer card.

    I notice the bar comes with a serial number, one of those "scan with phone" bar code, and stamped with a "Made in USA" logo.

  14. my new favorite bar
    Silver Jeep Patrioton 3/2/13
    I have to echo all that the reviewers below this had to say. OPM has a gold bar with multiple security features, made in USA which is always a great thing for this American, pure .9999 gold, respected brand, LOW premiums, and Provident's reliable as a rock service.
    This is my new preferred gold bar since I want the ounce troy at the lowest premium. I used to be a Pamp Suisse guy and still love goddess Fortuna, but I had to cheat on her and run to OPM for a 9.99 premium! Now 19.99 and still THE deal anywhere online, and certainly beating storefront bullion dealers!
    I want bullion not numi, and I want value meaning no needless high premium for the cachet of a 'name'. This gold bar is $20-40 LESS than any other with MORE security features than many! I can get a silver Libertad with those kinds of savings!
  15. Excellence!
    Rockon 2/28/13
    Very satisfied with the entire process of buying physical gold from start to finish. Everything happened in a timely manner and without any problems. I have a very high respect and trust for Provident Metals, and will gladly recommend them to others. Thank you!
  16. Great bar @ a great premium!
    Patrickon 2/26/13
    I used to buy NTR for the low premium, now OPM comes first with $9.99 premium now $19.99. Best deal I could find on the web. Thanks Provident & OPM for bringing quailty gold to the regular guy.
  17. Best Price .9999 Fine Gold in a Certicard with QC Code
    Silver Man with 1 Gold Finger.on 2/16/13
    This is my first purchase of .9999 Fine Gold. Only 1 minor issue to me. On the obverse side the plastic enclosure has scratches. I'm not sure if I can send it back for a different bar but I would still want the same model OPM Bar. If I had the money I would buy more OPM bars. I agree with the first review By mitchell. "If soverign nations see this low premium they might snatch it all!"
    "Get it while you can".
  18. Great bar
    Paulon 2/15/13
    Mirror-like finish, several security features and low premium
  19. 0.9999 iso certified low premium This is a no brainer
    mitchellon 2/15/13
    I unpacked the bars and was delighted.
    They even had an extra cello coating on top of the sealed plastic enclosure
    It reminded me of my perth bars which had the same.
    WIll be stacking OPM for adding to my gold reserves!!
    If soverign nations see this low premium they might snatch it all!
    Get it while you can.

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