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2024 Silver Tudor Beasts

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2024 British Tudor Beasts Silver Coins at Provident Metals

Following the success of the Queen’s Beasts Series, the Royal Mint launched a new collection in 2021 called the Tudor Beasts Series. Unlike the broad focus of the Queen’s Beasts, this series hones in on the heraldic beasts associated with the House of Tudor. It’s a more specific collection that’s likely to appeal to bullion investors, collectors, and fans of British history. In 2024, the collection kicks off with its fifth overall design in the form of the Seymour Unicorn

2024 Seymour Unicorn

As the fourth BU Tudor Beasts coin and the fifth overall design to feature in the series, the Seymour Unicorn continues the specific design focus on the marriage between King Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour. The heraldic unicorn is shown on the reverse as it stands on its hind legs in support of a six-quadrant shield that bears the coat of arms of Jane Seymour.

2024 Seymour Unicorn Options

The Royal Mint maintains the same coin options in the Tudor Beasts Series that it introduced in the Queen’s Beasts Series. When it comes to the BU Seymour Unicorn issues, this means 2 oz silver and 10 oz silver coins in this 2024 design. However, the BU versions of the coin are not the only ones available to buyers.

2024 Proof Seymour Unicorn Options

For numismatists, the Royal Mint offers the 2024 Seymour Unicorn in proof options with beautiful, frosted designs and lettering above a mirrored field. The traditional weights offered in the proof range include 1 Kilo, 10 oz, 5 oz, and 1 oz silver. There is also a Reverse Frosted set of two 1 oz silver coins available in the 2024 Seymour Unicorn range.

Buy 2024 Tudor Beasts Silver at Provident Metals

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