01/22/2022 10:25:28 AM
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American Gold Buffalo Coins

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American Gold Buffalos from Provident Metals are an attractive way to invest in the highest quality gold bullion available from the US Mint. Each gold coin holds a $50 face value and is the first sovereign US coin to consists of 1 oz .9999 fine gold, making it eligible for your precious metals IRA.

Since 2006, the US Mint has produced the 24 karat sovereign coin in bullion and proof finishes. The coin’s obverse, designed by James Earle Fraser, features the profile of a Native American who represents three prominent Chiefs- Big Tree, Iron Tail, and Two Moons. Fraser’s reverse displays Black Diamond, the 1550 lb American Bison.

The American Gold Buffalo is the ideal investment piece of those looking to diversify their portfolio with sovereign-backed bullion from a trusted online retailer- Provident Metals.

Are American Gold Buffalos pure gold?

Yes, the gold buffs are 1 oz, .9999 fine gold. They are the first ever solid 24 karat gold coin struck by the US Mint.

In what finishes can I purchase the AGB?

The Gold Buffalo is available in BU (brilliant uncirculated) and proof finishes.

Are AGBs legal tender?

Yes, each coin holds a face value of $50; however, the intrinsic value of the gold is worth far more.

Are sovereign gold coins a good investment?

Absolutely! As the first 24 karat gold coin crafted from .9999 fine gold that operates as legal tender, this coin is the ideal addition to your precious metals IRA. Gold historically has proven to be one of the safest investments for long term protection and growth. As a hedge against inflation, gold provides unique benefits to a portfolio many investments cannot.

Are American Gold buffalos taxable?

American Gold Buffs purchased through Provident Metals are not taxed, as bullion is not taxed in the state of Texas where Provident is located.

Where are American Gold buffalos minted?

All gold buffs are minted by the US Mint at the West Point Mint in New York.

How many AGBs are minted annually?

Mintages vary each year; below are the most recent figures as reported by the US Mint

Where can I buy American gold coins?

You can shop American Gold Buffs right here at Provident Metals.

Where can I sell my sovereign gold bullion?

When you invest in American Gold buffalos, you can be confident in the resale ability of your investment. You have several options when it comes to selling your gold coins.
Provident Metals leads the industry in competitive buyback pricing on bullion.
Local coin stores, pawn shops, and dealers purchase trusted coins like American gold coins
Third party websites, like eBay, have ample opportunity to sell precious metals

How much are gold buffalos worth?

The value of a gold buffalo is dependent on a variety of factors; you can determine the worth of your buffalo based on:

  • The amount of gold in the coin, in addition to the current spot price/li>
  • The year the coin was minted
  • Any defects or rarities
  • Condition of the coin
  • Why should I purchase an American Gold Buffalo rather than an American Gold Eagle?

    The American Gold Buffalo is an excellent gold bullion option for investors looking to purchase sovereign US gold bullion. The Buff is actually more pure than the American Gold Eagle and often priced slightly lower; the AGE is .9167 fine gold, while the Buffalo is .9999 fine gold.

    Learn more about the American Gold Buffalo in our Bullion Investment Center, or in our Coin Fact Sheets.