America the Beautiful Coins

Beginning in 2010, the United States Mint started sequentially releasing the America the Beautiful series of 5 oz silver coins. Five new designs are to be released annually until the 56-coin series is complete in 2021. Each design commemorates national parks, monuments, and historic sites within the US states and territories.

The volume of coins in this series paired with their sequential release make America the Beautiful coins highly collectible, much like the state quarter series that ran from 1999 to 2008. Collecting the whole series also makes a fun project for precious metal bullion investors. Because these coins are produced by a sovereign mint, they qualify for most precious metal IRA accounts.

What is the America the Beautiful Silver Coin Series?

The America the Beautiful series was designed to honor some of the most treasured sites across the country. Each coin represents American history, encapsulating a piece of the culture that built our nation. The most recent batch of coins released for 2017 are numbers 36 through 40 in a series that will eventually include 56 coins.

Just like America’s circulation quarters, the obverse of each coin in the America the Beautiful series features a portrait of George Washington. The original design by John Flanagan was introduced in 1932. In 2010, the mint digitally enhanced the image to bring out more details from the original model.

The reverse of each coin within the series features a different, fresh design of the landmark that the coin is meant to commemorate. The coin is inscribed with the name of the site or park, along with the state in which it is found.

Which State Coins Have Been Released Each Year?

The releases from 2010 include

Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park

Oregon’s Mount Hood National Park

Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park

California’s Yosemite National Park

Arkansas’ Hot Springs National Park.

The releases from 2011 include

Oklahoma’s Chickasaw National Park

Mississippi’s Vicksburg National Park

Washington’s Olympic National Park

Montana’s Glacier National Park

Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg National Military Park.

The releases from 2012 include

Maine’s Acadia National Park

Alaska’s Denali National Park

Hawaii’s Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

New Mexico’s Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Park.

The releases from 2013 include

South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore National Park

Maryland’s Fort McHenry National Park

Nevada’s Great Basin National Park

Ohio’s Perry’s Victory & Peace Memorial

New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest Site.

The releases from 2014 include

Florida’s Everglades National Park

Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park

Utah’s Arches National Park>

Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park

Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The releases from 2015 include

New York’s Saratoga National Historical Park

Delware’s Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Parkway

Louisiana’s Kisatchie National Forest

Nebraska’s Homestead National Monument.

The releases from 2016 include

Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest

Kentucky’s Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

West Virginia’s Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park

South Carolina’s Fort Moultrie at Fort Sumter National Monument.

The releases from 2017 include

Iowa’s Effigy Mounds National Monument

DC’s Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Missouri’s Ozark National Scenic Riverways

New Jersey’s Ellis Island National Monument

Indiana’s George Rogers Clark National Monument Park.

Who Produces America the Beautiful Coins?

The United States Mint was created by the Coinage Act of 1792, when it began producing circulation coins and numismatic products. The mint became an independent agency in 1799 and continued to expand, both its facilities and its product catalog. There are now six facilities across the country. In 1986, the US Mint began producing American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles, which became the mint’s flagship bullion coins.

What is a Silver Coin?

A silver coin resembles circulation coins, but it is made with high-quality precious metal bullion. Many international sovereign mints produce silver coins on an annual basis. Though these coins carry legal tender value, their true value lies in the metals they are made with. This is why they’re a top choice for both investors and collectors.

What are America the Beautiful Coins Worth?

As discussed above, the value of a silver coin—like one from the America the Beautiful series—lies in the silver content. These coins are struck from a very pure form of silver, making them a valuable investment tool. Keeping yourself familiar with spot prices can help you gauge a coin’s value, along with having your coins professionally assessed by an industry expert.

What is Spot Price?

Spot price is simply a term that correlates to a metal’s current value. These values are in constant flux because they’re affected by international economic and political news. Understanding the spot price of silver helps you become a more savvy investor, giving you insights on the best times to buy and sell your coins and other bullion products.

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