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America the Beautiful Coins

The America the Beautiful series of five-ounce silver coins was first introduced in 2010 by the United States Mint. Five new designs will be released annually until the 56-coin series reaches a conclusion in 2021. The coins are designed to commemorate the nation’s national parks, monuments, and historic sites.

Based on the state quarter series that ran from 1999 to 2008, the America the Beautiful series makes a fun project for precious metals collectors. The sheer volume of coins and their sequential release enhances their collectibility.

America the Beautiful Design

Much like America’s circulation quarters, the obverse of each ATB coin features a portrait of George Washington. His effigy was originally designed by John Flanagan and introduced in 1932. In 2010, the mint digitally enhanced this famous image to bring out deeper detail.

Each coin’s reverse feature a different design, capturing some of America’s most treasured sites and landmarks. These slices of American history honor the culture that built our nation. Coins are inscribed with the name of the state it represents, along with the name of the showcased site or park.

Why Are Silver ATBs Valuable?

Struck by the US Mint, each ATB coin is stamped with a face value and guaranteed by the US government. However, the true value of these coins lies in their silver content.

Many people invest in silver and other precious metals to supplement their financial assets, especially during times of economic turmoil. Though silver is fairly common, the white metal has maintained value and been used as currency for centuries, providing an affordable investment option.

The value of ATB coins will primarily depend on the current spot price of silver. However, their value may also be affected by condition and rarity. For instance, releases with lower mintages may be more valuable than plentiful releases.

For serious investors, a precious metals IRA account allows you the safety of storing your metals in a depository vault. Silver ATB coins–along with all other bullion coins produced by the US Mint–are eligible for most of these types of accounts.

Where to Buy America the Beautiful Silver Coins

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