Proof Silver Eagles

Proof Silver Eagles

For both investors and collectors, the American Silver Eagle is one of the most well-recognized and popular silver coins on the market. These coins are internationally renowned for their high quality and purity. The proof versions of the ASE shine even brighter with their frosted devices and mirror-like fields. This special finish adds collectibility to the coin, making it an ideal choice for any precious metal bullion portfolio.

What is an American Silver Eagle?

Produced annually by the US Mint, the American Silver Eagle is a one troy ounce coin made with .999 fine silver; it carries a legal tender value of one dollar. The ASE has garnered a reputation as America’s flagship silver bullion product. A limited quantity are produced each year.

Adolph A. Weinman’s design of the Silver Eagle is often touted as some of the best work on coinage. The obverse features Lady Liberty, carrying branches of laurel and oak, stepping forward in front of a shining sun. The reverse features a version of the US Seal, with an eagle sitting behind a shield and carrying a banner, olive branches, and arrows.

All Silver Eagles are produced by the US Mint, and have become a top choice for investors worldwide. They were first introduced in 1986 when Senator McClure authorized the creation of silver coins in order to dispose of the national stockpile.

What is a Silver Coin?

Silver coins are produced in a government-regulated mint, which provides them with the means to carry a legal tender value. In the case of Silver Eagles, that value is one dollar. However, the silver content of the coin itself is far more valuable. Many investors favor silver because of its affordability, which makes it a good option for incremental buying over long stretches of time. Silver remains a valuable asset because of its many industrial, medicinal, and ornamental uses. However, buying silver bullion coins guarantees a pure form of the metal, as opposed to a lesser quality alloy that is commonly found in silver jewelry.

What is a Proof Finish?

While regular uncirculated ASEs appeal to many investors, proof ASEs appeal predominantly to collectors. They are struck twice, giving them a shiny field and frosted devices. This intricate, polished appearance has led to their popularity. Proof coins are often sold encapsulated by protective plastic and they demand a higher premium than BU coins because they are minted in lower quantities.

What is Spot Price?

The spot price of a metal refers to its current value. Spot prices are in constant flux while markets are open, changing in reaction to global economic and political activities. Provident provides up-to-date spot price information so you can choose the right times to buy and sell your silver.

Why Choose Provident?

Provident understands the needs and desires of investors and collectors, which is why we offer a variety of products and educational materials. We aim to help you reach your financial goals. Our website is continuously updated and our skilled team of customer service representatives is available to assist you with questions and orders. Provident is proud to be a recognized name in the precious metal bullion market, and as a trusted resource, we’d love you help you get started today.

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