08/17/2022 08:57:30 AM
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South Korean Silver

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KOMSCO–a South Korean manufacturer of precious metal bullion, currency, and securities–introduced the Silver Chiwoo medallion in 2016 and the Silver Tiger medallion in 2018. Each series is set to expand with new designs on coins of various weights.

Chiwoo Cheonwang Design

The obverse features the legendary warrior Chiwoo, also known as the “God of War.” It is said that he achieved battle victories of mythic proportions.

A roof tile depicting a supernatural being known as “do ggae bi” is seen on the reverse. This creature is believed to protect people from evil spirits.

Tiger Design

The large, beautiful tiger is captured on the obverse in stunning detail, with a new design for each new release.

The reverse features an artistic rendering of the Korean map using strategically positioned letters from the Korean alphabet.


All bullion coins and medallions manufactured by South Korea's KOMSCO use an anti-counterfeiting device as a method of authentication. Additionally, these coins are produced in limited mintages, making them a great addition to any precious metals collection.