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Canadian Gold Maple Leafs

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Canadian Gold Maples are the official gold bullion coin of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint. Since 1979, the RCM has produced over 25 million troy ounces of this sovereign bullion coin in a variety of weights and finishes.

Each gold bullion coin is composed of .9999 fine gold and makes an excellent addition to your precious metals IRA. As the first ever gold coin to reach .9999 fineness, you can be assured your bullion is among the highest quality in the world.

When you purchase Canadian Gold Maples from Provident Metals, you are wisely investing in an age-old commodity that has proven its value and utility throughout history.

Canadian gold is unique in its usage of technologically advanced security features. Each CGM features light diffracting radial lines and a the hallmark RCM maple leaf, with micro-engraving in the center indicating the year of minting.

Shop Canadian gold for quality bullion with stunning designs.

Are Canadian Gold Maples pure gold?

Canadian Gold Maples are .9999 fine gold, with occasional exceptions of a .99999 fine gold coin.

In what finishes can I purchase the Gold Maple?

The Gold Maple is available as a brilliant uncirculated (BU) coin.

Are CGMs legal tender?

Yes; as a sovereign bullion coin, the Canadian Gold Maple is legal tender. Each weight variation holds a specific face value, as indicated above.

Are gold coins a good investment?

Canadian gold has proven itself worldwide in the eyes of investors. As one of the leading gold manufacturers, RCM bullion is known for purity and beauty. CGMS are IRA eligible and are composed of the world’s oldest monetary commodity, giving you security in your investment.

Is sovereign gold bullion taxable?

If you purchase CGM’s through Provident Metals, you will not be charged sales tax due to Texas state regulations.

Where are Canadian sovereign gold coins minted?

Canadian Gold Maples are minted at the Winnipeg, Manitoba and Ottawa, Ontario facilities of the RCM.

Where can I buy Canadian Gold Maples?

We suggest you purchase Canadian Gold Maples at ProvidentMetals.com. As an industry leading bullion dealer, we offer excellent quality bullion with exceptional customer service at competitive prices.

Where can I sell my gold coins?

Provident Metals is an industry leading purchaser of gold bullion, in addition to being a dealer. Visit our Sell to Us page for more information.

How much are gold maples worth?

The price of gold maples is determined by spot price as well as the condition and rarity of the coin. A standard 1 oz gold maple will usually sell for close to the current spot price. If the coin is a low mintage year, has a mint defect, is certified or graded, etc., the coin could be worth much more than spot price.

Which weights are available?

  • 1/20 oz – $1 face value
  • 1/10 oz – $5 face value
  • 1/4 oz – $10 face value
  • 1/2 oz – $20 face value
  • 1 oz – $50 face value

Why should I purchase an Canadian Gold Maple rather than an American Gold Eagle?

While each coin is sovereign bullion in its respective country of origin, investors have various reasons to choose one versus the other. For instance, the Canadian Gold Maple is .9999 fine gold, while the American Gold Eagle is .9167 fine gold. Additionally, because the designs differ, investors and collectors might hold a preference for one.

Learn more about Canadian Gold Maples in our Bullion Investment Center, or read our Coin Fact Sheet.