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Prospector Series Silver & Copper Rounds

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Featuring Provident’s most popular silver bullion round ever, the Prospector series has been newly redesigned in partnership with SilverTowne Mint. The series captures the spirit of the California Gold Rush of the 1800s, along with the rugged Wild West.

Prospector Series Design

The Prospector series was inspired by the adventure and endurance of American history. Each design features a fresh interpretation of familiar scenes from the time period.

While each new 1 oz silver round and 1 oz copper round will carry a unique obverse, this Provident Originals series shares a common reverse featuring a sleepy Wild West town. You can see the dirt road lined with buildings that host local businesses, like a hotel and a saloon. The scene captures a simpler time, though one filled with great potential for future industrial growth.

When it comes to the obverse designs in the Prospector Series, you’ll find all of the most common and beloved characters from the American West featured in this beautiful collection. To date, the obverse designs have offered glimpses of:

  • The Prospector: A fitting debut for a series that bears his name, the first issue in the series offers a glimpse of an old prospector. Standing along the banks of a river as mountains tower toward the sky in the background, the Prospector stands with a pick ax in one hand and a gold pan in the other. His trusty pack mule is featured in the background, loaded up with all the tools of the trade.
  • The Gunslinger: Violence was a fact of life in the American West, especially in the early decades of westward expansion. Conflicts were often resolved with bullets, and law enforcement was not present in enough boomtowns across the West to help keep the peace between good people and outlaws, or even between groups of outlaws. The Gunslinger design shows a man wielding two six-shooters as at least one of his victims is visible dead on the ground in the background.
  • The Pony Express: Just as American infrastructure can struggle to keep up with modern urban and suburban growth, so too did its 19th-century infrastructure struggle to keep up with westward expansion. Before the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad and the development of the telegraph, Americans in the west relied on the Pony Express to receive packages from the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. A network of stations was set up every 10 miles from Missouri to California to enable rides to move packages and letters from the East to the West in a matter of days. Here, one of the final Pony Express riders races to his destination as the future of transport is visible in the background.
  • The Can Can Girl: While the American West may have been a rough, violent place to live in the 19th century, it wasn’t without its entertain. Step in to any local saloon and you were bound to come across the Can Can Girl. These women were often dressed in very revealing close and would dance for the entertainment of patrons, with the assistance of a piano player tickling the ivories.
  • The Sheriff: It took some time, but the law eventually caught up with most of the outlaws and gunslingers in the American West. As a network of law and order took over, with local deputies and sheriffs growing in number, peace was restored, or at least protected to a degree, by sheriffs. In this design, the sheriff is armed to the teeth with a shotgun and six-shooter as he steps into the middle of the town’s main street to ward off outlaws.
  • The Gambler: Remember those saloons in the American West? Well, when you weren’t watching the exploits of the Can Can Girl, you could indulge your taste for gambling with a game of poker or blackjack. This unique design in the series features the view from the seat of the Gambler as he looks out not only at the cards in his hand, but also at some very gruff faces around the table. Does he have what it takes to win the hand or will he lose it all?

Why Invest in the Prospector Series?

These investment-grade rounds and bars are made in an ISO 9001 facility. The high standards of the minting process translates to quality precious metals products that are eligible for most self-directed IRA accounts.

Though you still get a dynamic, beautiful bullion piece, Prospector products come with the lower premiums that private mints offer over sovereign mints. Savvy investors often stock up on privately minted precious metal products as a way to maximize the amount of silver or copper they are able to buy.

Start Your Collection

The relaunch of the Prospector series promises several new designs each year. However, while the flagship Prospector rounds will be sold in perpetuity, subsequent releases may only be available for a limited time. You may find that your Prospector series collection gains value over time due to its scare nature.

Whether you’re looking to buy gold bullion to invest, to build a collection, or simply for fun, Provident Metals is a secure place to begin your precious metals journey. We’ve shipped over 1 million orders through our secure online ordering process, and we are proud to maintain an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

We proudly offer coins, rounds, and bars from the most trusted and respected mints around the world. With so many products to choose from at industry-leading prices, your only challenge will be deciding which one best suits your style. Start shopping with your trusted friend in the bullion industry today!