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Silver is a popular precious metal among new and seasoned investors, in large part due to its affordability. Provident offers an assortment of silver coins straight from the most notable sovereign mints. These coins are produced under strict quality and purity standards, with beautiful designs that often hold historical significance.

Silver has been a valuable commodity for centuries, with uses spanning from ornamental to industrial to medicinal. This inherent value makes silver an ideal safe haven investment. Silver bullion can be used to diversify your investment portfolio, which helps protect your financial assets against inflation and other market risks.

What is a Silver Coin?

Silver coins are minted at facilities that are regulated by sovereign governments to ensure the quality of each piece. Most sovereign mints are responsible for producing the country’s circulation coins, as well as bullion coins. Because silver coins are created by the government, they carry a legal tender value; however, the metal content is generally more valuable than the coin’s face value.

Many silver coins are produced annually without design changes. Coins are inscribed with the year of mintage, lending well to their collectability. Additionally, bullion coins are generally produced in limited quantities. These factors make silver coins a valuable asset, often retaining more value than privately minted silver rounds.

What is Silver Bullion?

Silver bullion–sold in the form of coins, rounds, and bars–is manufactured for the primary purpose of investment. Many people buy bullion as a method of protecting their finances, or in an effort to diversify their investments. Others buy various forms of bullion to add to their personal collections. Provident is proud to offer only the highest quality silver bullion from sovereign and private mints around the world.

Which Silver Coins Should I Buy?

All silver coins sold by Provident comes from sovereign mints that are well-known for their dedication to producing quality bullion. For this reason, the right silver coin for you may be more dependant on design than purity. Two of the world’s most popular silver coins are the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. In addition to their reputation as quality silver bullion, the Silver Maples are also known for the security features that help authenticate the coins.

Some other popular silver coins include the British Silver Britannia, the Chinese Silver Panda, and the Austrian Silver Philharmonic.

We invite you to browse our catalog of silver coins, which includes historic coins and NGC certified coins. These coins make valuable additions to your investment portfolio, as well as ideal gifts for loved ones.

How Do I Identify a Fake Silver Coin?

To protect your finances from fake coins, there are a couple of tests you can perform at home to check the metal. Because silver is non-magnetic, your silver coin should not stick to a magnet. You can also place an ice cube atop a silver coin and it should immediately begin melting because silver is a strong conductor of heat. There are numerous other methods of testing the purity of silver, including having your coins professionally appraised.

One way to ensure you are buying real silver coins and not fakes is to make your purchases through a reputable dealer, like Provident. As a trusted industry leader, we offer only the highest quality silver bullion and back our business with a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives. Additionally, our extensive catalog of precious metal bullion is sure to contain something for everyone.

Why are Silver Coins More Expensive Than Rounds?

While the price of all silver is dependent upon spot price, you can expect silver coins to cost more than rounds or bars of the same weight. Silver coins are generally more valuable because they are produced in limited mintages each year by sovereign governments that guarantee the weight and purity of each coin. This increases both their value and their collectibility.

You may find that some silver coins cost more than others, due to their historic value or because they have been NGC graded and slabbed. The value of the silver bullion itself in addition to this collector’s value make silver coins an ideal choice for diversifying your investment portfolio.

What is Spot Price?

To familiarize yourself with the right times to buy and sell silver, you’ll need to understand the phrase “spot price.” It simply refers to the current price point of a metal. Spot prices change throughout the day as a response to economic and geopolitical activity around the globe.

As part of Provident’s commitment to assisting you with your investing goals, we offer an in-depth look at silver spot prices, along with other top metals. This up-to-date and historic data is designed to keep you informed with market activity at any time of day.

Why Choose Provident?

In addition to a wide assortment of carefully curated precious metal bullion, Provident is also dedicated to offering exceptional customer service to assist with your investment goals. We value customer privacy and make every effort to ensure your metals arrive on time and in discreet packaging. You can also visit our blog for current industry news and fun facts about the history of precious metals.