Bar and Round Tubes

As most collectors know, dirt and oil from fingers, humidity, extreme temperatures and chemicals all wreak havoc on the coins you’ve so thoughtfully collected. Many coins and bars are made from highly-reactive metals like copper and silver, leaving them increasingly vulnerable to the elements. Furthermore, gold or proof coins that are tarnished, scratched or marked greatly depreciate in value.

Over time, materials commonly used to house coins--like paper or cardboard--can break down, releasing acidic chemicals that cause spots, discoloration and oxidation (toning) to the surface. These storage methods can be bulky and inconvenient, making it exceedingly difficult to organize, keep or quickly retrieve your coins. At Provident Metals, we provide a vast selection of Coin Tubes to better protect your fragile coin collection.

With a wide selection from one of the most trusted brands in the industry, Provident Metals carries a variety of CoinSafe Coin Tubes to fit nearly any series or denomination--from pennies to quarters to American Gold Eagles. The square shape of CoinSafe Tubes makes them a cinch to stack, while minimizing the amount of space your collection occupies. For convenient, organized safe-keeping, CoinSafe Coin Tubes are the perfect solution to any storage dilemma.

For the devotee of all-things-coin, Provident Metals also carries a variety of Coin Tubes to encase your foreign coins. From the world’s most illustrious mints, we provide a variety of shapes and sizes to hold your Austrian Philharmonics, Gold and Silver Canadian Maple Leaves and many more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to safely store and organize your precious coins by choosing from Provident Metals’ selection of Coin Tubes, Coin Holders and Capsules. Take a moment to browse our convenient website and take advantage of our terrific bulk and cash-discount pricing, along with the most affordable, timely shipping on the market.

Prices displayed on this page are Cash Discount Prices
American Gold Eagle Tube | CoinSafe 33 mm
American Gold Buffalo Tube | Empty - US Mint
1/2 oz American Gold Eagle Tube | US Mint
1/4 oz American Gold Eagle Tube | US Mint
Half Dollar Tubes | CoinSafe
Quarter Tubes | CoinSafe
Nickel Tubes | CoinSafe
Dime Tubes | CoinSafe
Penny Tubes | CoinSafe
1 oz. Bar Tubes | CoinSafe
5 oz. Round Empty Tube
1/2 oz Silver Round Tube | CoinSafe 33 mm
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