09/25/2023 04:31:08 PM
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Copper Pennies

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Bags of Pre-1982 Pennies, a Sound Investment in Copper.

Provident Metals is excited to carry an assortment of Bags of Pre-1982 Lincoln Pennies, sold under melt. Each Pre-1982 Penny is composed of 95% Pure Copper and will arrive in a range of conditions, from circulated to uncirculated, and come in an attractive canvas bag, sealed and emblazoned with the Provident Metals logo.From 1962 – 1982, the United States One Cent Piece contained 95% Copper and 5% Zinc, each weighing 3.1 grams. (Pennies minted from 1983 onward have been minted using 97.5% Zinc plated with a thin copper coating.) Because Pennies are no longer produced with such high amounts of copper, Pre-1982 Lincoln Pennies make an excellent investment as the demand for copper skyrockets, providing long-term security and enduring peace of mind.

Since 1909, the obverse of the highly-recognized Lincoln Penny has carried the profile of President Abraham Lincoln to celebrate the centennial of his birth. President Theodore Roosevelt, who believed Lincoln saved the Union, ordered the new design to be based on a plaque created by Victor David Brenner. From 1959 – 2008, the coin’s reverse–including Pre-1982 Copper Pennies–bore the Lincoln Memorial, meant to commemorate Lincoln’s sesquicentennial.

Purchase one of these Pre-1982 Lincoln Penny Bags as an investment toward your future. Take a moment to browse our convenient website and take advantage of our swift, affordable shipping.