05/12/2021 08:58:27 PM
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Canadian Gold Coins

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Because coins are the most collected form of gold bullion, producing unique, quality designs is essential. The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has earned a reputation for not only creating bullion of the finest gold available (.99999), but the beauty of Canada is captured by artists and portrayed on each coin.

Since 1908, every gold coin produced by the RCM displays an effigy of the reigning monarch of the Commonwealth of Nations on the obverse. While the reverse varies, an iconic Canadian image is always featured; the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the signature gold coin, currently featuring Elizabeth II on the obverse and a maple leaf on the reverse.

Not only are coins minted by the RCM masterfully crafted from the finest gold, they are unsurpassed in security. The RCM employs state of the art technology to micro-engrave radial lines and maple leaf privy marks in an effort to preclude counterfeiting attempts.

Collectors flock to RCM products, as several series are released annually, featuring unique themes. These collectible coins are not only excellent display pieces, but they are a smart way to expand your investment portfolio. Unlike other collectible items which may depreciate with time or be exposed to wear and tear, gold bullion is an appreciating asset; the Canadian gold coins are a resilient, time tested way to invest as a collector.

Browse the RCM gold coins below, and see why buyers can’t get enough of these bullion products.