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Canadian Silver

Canadian silver, minted at the Royal Canadian Mint, is internationally recognized as high-quality silver bullion. Owning a tangible asset like silver helps protect your hard-earned wealth, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. Canadian silver offers investors and collectors a variety of options to meet any budget.

What Types of Canadian Silver Bullion are Available?

Among the numerous options for buying Canadian silver, the most notable bullion produced there is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. The micro-inscribed radial lines and proprietary bullion DNA technology used in the striking process make it one of the most secure coins in the world.

Apart from the Maple Leaf coins, the Canadian Wildlife series contains coins that are treasured by many individuals. There are a variety of additional silver coins produced in Canada, along with bars, medallions, and vintage coins. Canada is also well known for its quality gold bullion.

What is the Royal Canadian Mint?

The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for manufacturing Canada’s legal tender, along with high-quality precious metal bullion and collector coins. Known as the Monnaie Royale Canadienne in French, the mint also offers silver and gold refinery and assay services. The technology used to produce coins provides internationally recognized security.

Before the mint was established in Canada, all Canadian coins were produced in London. In 1901, a branch of the British Royal Mint was established in Ottawa to meet the rising demand of a growing population. The Royal Canadian Mint became a newly-independent mint in 1931, after parting ways with Great Britain during the Great Depression.

What Canadian Silver Should I Invest In?

A well-built portfolio will be diverse, including conventional money, stocks, and precious metals. Silver coins and bars are a stable, affordable investment. Canadian silver, in particular, offers some of the purest government-issued bullion you can find. And with backing by the Canadian government, this silver is eligible for a precious metals IRA.

Canadian silver coins boast beautiful designs that are recognized around the globe. Many of these coins are issued in limited quantities, adding to their value. In fact, coins maintain more value than non-numismatic rounds and bars because of their limited production and collectibility. This also makes Canadian silver a great gift for younger members of your family.

What is Spot Price?

The value of silver and other precious metals is constantly fluctuating while international markets are open, due to global economic activities, Federal Reserve action, and geopolitical news. “Spot price” refers to the current value of a metal. For silver, the spot price correlates with the price of one ounce of silver.

Where Can I Check the Spot Price of Silver?

The Provident Metals website displays up-to-date spot prices on the most common precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Visit our site to quickly check spot prices on the bottom bar, or visit our silver spot price charts pagefor a more in-depth look at market trends.

Is Silver a Safe Investment?

Many investors enjoy buying silver because it is far more affordable than gold, yet maintains value and industrial uses. For thousands of years, silver has been a coveted metal that was used to make the earliest coins and during bartering agreements. Coin striking has come a long way since then, but silver is still a treasured metal and is generally considered to be a source of currency.

Why Choose Provident?

Our partnership with the Elemetal Mint allows us to offer a wide variety of precious metal bullion at competitive prices. Whether you plan to buy or sell, Provident is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and protecting your security. All shipments will arrive in discreet packaging with exceptionally low shipping rates.