American Silver Eagle Coins

Enhance your investment in silver bullion with the American Silver Eagle, one of the most popular sovereign minted silver coins in the world. Silver and other precious metal bullion offers financial value during times of economic uncertainty. Investing in silver is also a great way of diversifying your portfolio.

What is an American Silver Eagle?

American Silver Eagles are silver bullion coins that are minted annually by the US Mint. A limited quantity is produced each year, adding to their collectibility. Silver Eagles are known for their metal purity and high production quality. Provident offers an assortment of Silver Eagles going back many years.

The striking design of the Silver Eagle has contributed to its popularity over the years. On the obverse, Lady Liberty steps out from a sunrise carrying branches of laurel and oak. An eagle sits on the reverse, holding a banner in its beak and arrows and an olive branch in its talons.

Who Produces the American Silver Eagle?

The US Mint has been producing American Silver Eagle coins since 1986, when Senator McClure introduced a bill that authorized the creation of coins in order to dispose of the national stockpile. Since then, Silver Eagles have become the official silver bullion coin of the US, along with a popular choice for coin and bullion collectors around the globe.

What Types of American Silver Eagles are Available?

There are several products that fall under the category of an American Silver Eagle. The two main Silver Eagle coins are the brilliant uncirculated version and the proof version. In addition to these, you can also purchase certified versions—of both the BU coin and the proof coin—that have been professionally graded to ensure the purest quality. Investors who wish to buy silver in bulk may enjoy purchasing Silver Eagles by the roll or by the monster box.

What is a Silver Coin?

A silver coin is produced and backed by the government, giving it a legal tender value. However, the silver content in the coin outweighs that value, making them a viable financial tool. Silver coins are purchased by both investors and collectors.

What are American Silver Eagle Coins Worth?

The legal tender value for a one ounce American Silver Eagle is one dollar. Due to their fine silver content, the price of these coins is the spot price of silver. This makes them a far better investment option, as opposed to using them to pay for goods and services as you would with a dollar bill.

What is Spot Price?

The term “spot price” simply refers the to current value of a precious metal. These values are constantly changing while markets are open, influenced by global economic activity and geopolitical news. The spot price of silver is the price of one ounce of silver, which can be checked in real time on the Provident website.

Are American Silver Eagle Coins a Good Investment?

Silver is a stable investment since the metal has a multitude of uses, from industrial to ornamental. It provides a much more affordable investment than gold bullion, making it easy to buy for your own portfolio or as a gift for a loved one.

While there are plenty of options for buying silver—such as jewelry—American Silver Eagles provide you with a pure form of the metal (rather than a lesser quality alloy). Because this coin is well-recognized in the market, it’s often easy to have their value assessed for sale or trade when desired.

Why Choose Provident?

Provident is committed to offering American Silver Eagles, among a vast assortment of bullion products, at competitive prices. We value your security and ship all orders in discreet packaging. Our reputation for quality service and merchandise has made Provident a trusted resource for many bullion investors and collectors.

Learn more about the American Silver Eagle in our Bullion Knowledge Center.

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