Antiqued and Colorized Silver Rounds

Provident is proud to offer a variety of antiqued and colorized silver rounds to add some artistic flair to your precious metal bullion collection. Though made with high quality silver, the primary attraction to these rounds is the design. This, along with the themes of our series, makes these pieces ideal for collectors.

What is an Antiqued or Colorized Silver Round?

An antiqued silver round is given a special finish that makes it appear older with the addition of shading in the design’s lower sections.This technique also serves to enhance the details of the design.

A colorized silver round is one where sections of the design or the entire design are overlaid with color. This makes it appear more like a piece of art than a piece of silver. It also serves to redirect your focus to the design’s most important elements.

Why Buy Antiqued or Colorized Silver Rounds?

Even though these rounds are geared more towards the interests of collectors, they are still made with .999 fine silver for investment purposes as well. Each of these rounds is manufactured with care at one of several reputable private mints. The unique finishes given to these rounds paired with lower mintages make them highly collectible, especially when you buy a whole series. Several of our Provident original series under this product category include Egyptian Gods, Nordic Creatures, and Norse Gods.

What is Spot Price?

Every precious metal is priced based on spot price, which is the current value of a metal at any given point. These values remain in constant flux while markets are open, susceptible to a variety of geopolitical and economic events. You can keep up with current spot prices using our silver spot price chart. The information provided updates every minute to keep you in the know.

Why Choose Provident?

Provident is committed to offering quality, eye-catching bullion at competitive prices. On top of selling some of the best bullion products minted at sovereign and private mints, we also design our own original series to add a unique touch to your investment portfolio or collection. We pride ourselves in our ongoing efforts to protect your security and providing educational materials through our knowledge center and blog. If you have any questions while browsing our catalog or placing an order, please contact our skilled customer service team during regular business hours.

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