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90% Silver Coins

Junk silver is a practical way to preserve your wealth!

Buy U.S. silver coins that formerly served as legal tender for everyday purchases! Collectors and investors looking for a simple way to fend off inflation, buy 90% junk silver coins; an easy and inexpensive way to protect and maintain wealth’s value.
Throughout history, silver has been high-value commodity. In fact, it used to be the basis of small increments of money in the U.S. How many times have you seen an old movie or spoken to an older person who extolled the value of silver in everyday life? Silver coins like the Morgan/Peace silver dollar, Franklin half-dollar, Walking Liberty Half Dollar and others can be easily purchased through our secure, online ordering system. Place your order with us and have your silver coins in just a few short days.

ProvidentMetals.com is a subsidiary of Provident Precious Metals, LLC. As the online counterpart of this North Dallas-based company, our customers have access to bullion silver coins around the clock. With many years of experience in the precious metals industry, Provident Metals provides peace of mind when it comes time to buy junk 90% silver bullion coins. Our professionals have the experience, expertise and reputation needed when investors look to buy junk 90% silver coins and silver bullion.

90% Silver US Coins often referred to as “Junk 90”, offer silver bullion in smaller increments making for easier barter than larger silver bullion or gold bullion coins or bars.

Affordability – Buying gold bullion can be cost prohibitive for some. Junk 90% Silver provides a simpler financial entry. We like to think of silver bullion & junk 90% silver US coins as the blue collar metal for its affordability & practicality.

Uniqueness – Silver bullion coins offer a unique opportunity. Unlike stocks or bonds, which indicate wealth on paper, silver bullion coins can be personally held. Since many silver bullion coins are specific to past eras, they are incredibly attractive. When an 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar from the Carson City Mint is purchased, a piece of history is purchased, too.

Multiple Values – Some silver bullion coins are valuable not only due to silver content, but collectability as well. Rare silver bullion coins and old silver coin designs often fetch prices well beyond their weight in silver.

Silver bullion coins are a unique way to enter the precious metals market. More affordable than other options, silver bullion coins deliver practicality & tangibility.

If you would like to enter the precious metals market & buy junk 90% silver bullion coins, doing so directly from PreciousMetals.com is affordable, safe, secure and simple. Should you have questions during regular business hours, contact one of our experienced representatives toll free by phone at (877) 429-8790.

Learn more about 90% Junk Silver in our Bullion Investment Center, or read our Junk Silver Fact Sheet.

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