01/28/2020 10:17:25 PM
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90% Silver Coins

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Buying silver is a simple, affordable way to fend off inflation and protect your financial future. While gold can be cost prohibitive, silver is more practical for regular investing. Purchasing silver bullion is as unique as each investor. Some people enjoy buying newly minted silver coins and rounds. Others enjoy the historical value of buying old US coins that contain silver, which is what Provident calls junk silver.

What is Junk Silver?

Before 1965, plenty of US legal tender coins were made of 90 percent silver. Today’s coins are made with cheaper metals, but these old coins containing silver are still popular among investors, collectors, and numismatists. They no longer serve as legal tender, but the metal content of this junk silver still holds value. Silver is still a valuable commodity that has many uses from ornamental to medicinal to industrial.

Buying 90 percent junk silver coins is an easy way to invest in silver. These coins give you a tangible asset that retains value, without the premium that comes with newly minted coins and rounds. Your order of junk silver may include historic coins like the Morgan Silver Dollar, the Franklin Half Dollar, and the Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

Why Buy Junk Silver?

Junk silver coins provide a good way to invest in small increments of silver, which may be easier to barter with than larger silver coins or bars. These smaller increments also provide more options that can accommodate any budget.

Buying junk silver goes beyond simply investing in a valuable precious metal; it is buying a small piece of history. These are coins that are no longer in circulation, so they are not as easy to come by on a daily basis. History buffs and collectors may find immense value in the history that lies with older coins. The collectibility of these coins may also cause them to grow in value over time, particularly if they become more rare.

What is Spot Price?

The term spot price refers to the current value of a metal. These values change according to geopolitical events and other activity that affects the financial market. Understanding spot price trends can help you make smarter investment choices. That is why Provident provides a silver spot price chart, along with charts for other top metals.

Why Choose Provident?

With a wide assortment of bullion products and a commitment to helping customers with their investing goals, Provident has become a trusted name in the industry. We value your security and we continuously work to ensure that your orders and identity remain safe. Our skilled customer service team is available by phone or email to assist you with orders or any concerns you may have. Additionally, we provide fresh educational and entertaining content through our knowledge center and blog to keep you informed about market news and trends. We invite you to browse our online catalog today!