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Kilo Silver Bars

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Kilo Silver Bars at Provident Metals

One popular option for investors and collectors looking to make a bulk investment in silver bullion is a Kilo Silver Bar. 1 kilogram silver bars contain 31.15 Troy oz of silver content and are among the largest sizes available at Provident Metals. We have several options to choose from as Kilo Silver Bars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Learn more about Kilo Silver Bars right here, at Provident Metals.

Minted Ingots

A minted ingot is a blank (piece of metal with no design) that is loaded into a machine that applies thousands of pounds of pressure to produce a design onto the blank. Minted ingots typically have more intricate designs and a high-gloss finish. These bars are oftentimes cheaper than poured bars due to no melting being involved.

Some popular minted ingots in a one kilogram size are the following:

  • Sunshine Minting MintMark SI: This minted ingot from Sunshine Minting features the Sunshine logo and identifying marks of the bar on the obverse. The reverse field features a repeating Sunshine logo as well as their MintMark SI. This micro-engraving is only viewable when you place a patented decoding lens over the reverse field.
  • Geiger Square Bar: The Geiger Square Bar is made with .999 pure silver. These bars showcase the Schloss Guldengossa on the obverse with a repeating LEV rhombus on the reverse. These bars are individually packaged in protective plastic sleeves and, similar to the MintMark SI bars, have a unique security feature on the reverse. Each reverse field has a unique UV coating that reveals a security image under a blacklight.
  • Sunshine Mercury Bar: This popular option is available in several unique sizes. Mercury is seen in right-profile relief running with his winged cap and holding his serpent staff. These bars also contain MintMark SI like other Sunshine Minting Silver Bar

Cast Bars

Cast bars represent the earliest form of bars made by human civilizations. Silver shot or ingots are placed into a prefabricated mold. The mod is heated, usually via induction technology. Once the bar is cooled, it is removed and design elements are stamped into it.

  • Perth Mint: The Perth Mint is among the most well-known sovereign mints in the world. Along with their popular coin programs, they create several gold and silver bars as well. These cast bars feature identifying marks of the bar on the obverse and a blank reverse. These silver bars are shipped in a cardboard box and are made from .999 pure silver.
  • Germania Mint: Made from .9999 pure silver, these bars from the Germania Mint are among the more popular options on the market. These bars arrive in a custom-made box from the Germania Mint and feature identifying marks of the bar along with a unique serial number on the obverse.
  • SilverTowne Pony Bar: These popular cast bars are produced by SilverTowne, a highly popular private mint in America. These bars display the image of a Pony Express rider on the obverse. All bars are made with a purity of .999 pure silver.
  • The Holy Land Mint Bar: Crafted by the ICMC under The Holy Land Mint brand, these bars showcase the well-known Dove of Peace design. A dove is seen flying in left-profile relief on the obverse. Also included on the obverse are the mint logo, metal content, purity, and a unique serial number.

Other Unique Kilo Silver Bar Options

  • Ganesha Stacker: This unique silver bar is a stacker, which features the same design on the obverse and reverse. The design is of the Hindu deity Ganesha. These stackers have a mintage of just 199.
  • Argentia Precious Metals Bars: Silver bars from Argentia Precious Metals are struck from .9999 pure silver and are made as either antique strikes or ultra high-relief strikes. Bars from Argentia Precious Metals have very unique designs such as the Woman on Water Bar or the Lady Justice Bar.

Purchasing Kilo Silver Bars at Provident Metals

Call 1-800-313-3315 with any questions you may have about Kilo Silver Bars at Provident Metals. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.