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2024 Gold British Britannia

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2024 British Britannia Gold Coins from Provident Metals

One of the most coveted gold bullion coins in the world is the British Britannia. Introduced in gold in 1987, silver in 1998, and platinum in 2018, this beloved series features an enduring symbol of the United Kingdom that dates back to the era of Roman occupation in the British Isles. In 2024, the series continues with its beautiful, modern image of the female allegory Britannia, while also showcasing the first-generation effigy of King Charles III.

2024 British Britannias

Since 1987, the reverse side of the British Britannia Gold Coins has featured the same depiction of Britannia. The female allegory representative of Britons and the British Empire was designed by Philip Nathan and graces the reverse of all coins in the series. As of 2023, His Majesty King Charles III is captured in the obverse design of the British Britannia coins.

2024 Britannia Options

In the 2024 British Britannia Gold Series, the Royal Mint offers the 1 oz gold coin as its hallmark option in the series. Alongside the 1 oz gold coin, the Royal Mint offers coins in 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz gold. You can purchase the 1 oz gold coin at Provident Metals in protective tubes of 10 coins as well.

Security Elements

All British Britannia Gold Coins come with four modern security marks on the reverse field. The background includes texture lines that create the impression of wave motion as you adjust your viewing angle of the coin. Additionally, the latent security image also changes between a trident and lock as you adjust your viewing angle. Additionally, there are tincture lines on the Union Jack flag on Britannia’s shield and micro-text engraving around her image.

Invest in 2024 Britannia Gold Coins with Provident Metals

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