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  • Gold Notes at Provident Metals

    Gold is the most sought-after precious metal by many investors. Gold’s higher value does, for some, make it harder to diversify overall precious metals by adding gold and other metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. Gold notes offer a unique option for investors looking to add to their portfolio or simply diversify at a lower pricing point that traditional 1 oz gold options. If you’re not familiar with gold notes, now’s your chance to learn a little more about the options available through Provident Metals.

    How These Gold Notes are Made

    Every gold bullion product on the market is produced through its own unique processes. Few of them are as distinctive in nature as the production of gold notes. The notes are created with layers of gold between sheets of polyester. To achieve a specific weight and purity, layers of gold are put between two polyester sheets. This creates a secure gold product at the center with the protection of the polyester on both sides. Further, the polyester sheets allow for photo-realistic, full-color images to be used in the design of these gold notes. Most importantly, each gold note has 24-karat, .9999, pure gold content.

    Utah Goldbacks

    The Utah Goldbacks are one example of a series of gold notes available from Provident Metals. What sets this series of gold notes apart from other is the status the notes have as a form of voluntary, local currency. Produced by private mints in the aftermath of the state of Utah passing the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011, the Utah Goldbacks are accepted as local currency by those vendors within the state of Utah that volunteer to accept it as a valid form of payment. This was the entire purpose of the Utah Legal Tender Act; to establish an acceptable form of gold currency.

    Utah Goldbacks are, make no mistake, an investment in gold bullion as well as a form of voluntary, local currency. Each one of the notes has a different weight with 24-karat gold content, and more importantly, a unique design available only for that product. Many of the designs invoke images of historic female personifications playing a role in Utah history. These include images of Liberty, Victoria, and Prudence. Designs available include the following:

    • 50 Utah: Liberty is depicted in the wilderness of Utah in this design with a torch held high overhead in her right hand to light the way west for many moving in search of a new life. (1/20 Troy oz)
    • 25 Utah: Victoria takes the form of a suffragette. The suffrage movement sought to grant women the legal right to vote in the United States. This suffragette points to Utah’s early roll having granted that right to women in 1870 when it was still a territory. (1/40 Troy oz)
    • 10 Utah: In this design, Prudence takes on the form of Justice. As such, she uses good decision-making skills and wise judgment to deliver justice. All this while wearing a blindfold symbolizing she has no bias. (1/100 Troy oz)
    • 5 Utah: For this design, Prudence and Veritas combine to display a female figure holding up a lamp in one hand and religious texts in the other, a symbol of the westward movement of the Mormons who largely attributed to the outside settling of Utah. (1/200 Troy oz)
    • 1 Utah: The smallest gold note in the series, this note has an image of Prudence in the ceremonial dress of the indigenous tribes of Utah. This is in honor of the many tribes that once lived peacefully on the land. (1/1000 Troy oz)

    Miscellaneous Gold Notes

    There are various other gold notes produced by mints around the globe. Provident Metals carries gold notes produced in this same style with one-of-a-kind designs that are not part of a series and are not considered a form of voluntary, local currency like the Utah Goldbacks. Instead, these gold notes are purely collectible investment items with 24-karat gold and beautiful designs. In most cases, the designs are directly influenced by or slightly inspired by historic banknotes issued as fiat currency. Examples include the following gold notes:

    • Gold Liberty Note: This note takes a level of inspiration from the Augustus Saint-Gaudens Liberty design. It features a young female as Liberty with a torch held up in her left hand. The US Capitol Building and US Supreme Court Building feature in the background. (1/10 Gram)
    • Gold 500 Euro Replica: This particular gold note is directly reflective of the former 500 Euro banknote. The largest denomination the European Central Bank ever issued, it features modern architecture forms on the obverse and reverse, with the European Union flag depicted in different manners on each side.
    • Gold Buffalo Note: For this note, the 1901 $10 Bison Note from the United States is a direct influence. The $10 note had a bison in left-profile relief, while these Gold Buffalo Notes offer a colorized image of a powerful buffalo that is shown in slight left-profile relief.

    Investing in Gold Notes through Provident Metals

    If you are interested in adding gold notes to your investments, Provident Metals is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to direct your questions to our customer service team at 800-313-3315, connect with us live online through our web chat feature, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.