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2024 Gold Tudor Beasts

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2024 Tudor Beasts Gold Coins from Provident Metals

The Royal Mint’s Tudor Beasts Series is a popular follow-up to the Queen’s Beasts Series the mint issued between 2016 and 2021. While the latter series focused on the broad history of the monarchy in England, the new Tudor Beasts Series is focused on the reign of the House of Tudor from 1485 to 1603. The 10-coin series continues in 2024 with the Seymour Unicorn the first design available this year.

2024 Seymour Unicorn

With the release of the new Seymour Unicorn design, the Royal Mint introduces the fourth overall design in its BU Tudor Beasts range. The coins feature a depiction of the Seymour Unicorn on the reverse, a design that honors King Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour. The Unicorn is shown standing on its hind legs as it supports a shield with the six-quartered arms of Jane Seymour bestowed upon her by her husband.

2024 Seymour Unicorn Options

The Royal Mint offers each BU Tudor Beast release with 1 oz gold and 1/4 oz gold coins. In addition to the individual listings for each weight, Provident Metals also has listings for bulk buyers that feature 1 oz coins in plastic tubes of 10 or 1/4 oz coins in plastic tubes of 25 coins.

2024 Proof Seymour Unicorn

In addition to the investment-grade BU Tudor Beasts, the Royal Mint has an option for numismatists as well. The 2024 Proof Seymour Unicorn features the same obverse and reverse designs, but offers contrasting visuals with its frosted designs and lettering overlaying mirrored background fields.

Buy 2024 Tudor Beasts Gold Coins at Provident Metals

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