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  • RCM Gold Bars at Provident Metals

    While most know the Royal Canadian Mint for their premier coin programs such as the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Series, the well-known mint also has a history of offering gold bars to the public. While these bars more or less feature the same design, these bars considering their weight and purity are still must-have products. Learn more about gold bars offered by the Royal Canadian Mint, here at Provident Metals.

    Gold Bar Sizes

    The Royal Canadian Mint produces gold bars in various sizes from as small as 1 oz to as large as 1 kilogram (32.1507 Troy oz). Gold Bars from the RCM, similar to the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin Series, are made with a purity of 99.99% pure gold.

    Typical Packaging

    Gold Bars from the Royal Canadian Mint typically feature unique security and anti-fraud features. 1 oz bars are encased in plastic and attached to an assay card with information to authenticate your purchase.

    The newest releases of 2023 1 oz gold bars feature the same textured maple leafs that were introduced to the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Series back in 2013. Assay cards also typically feature the signature of the Chief Assayer at the RCM.

    Types of Bars

    The Royal Canadian Mint offers two primary types of gold bars for investors. Both will typically include the same design elements, however, the process each bar takes in being created differs.

    • Minted Ingot: Gold minted ingot bars start off as “blanks.” A blank is a piece of metal that is in the shape of a bar but is smooth with no design. The blanks are loaded into a machine that applies thousands of pounds of pressure with a die containing the design elements. The machine presses the design into the blank to create a gold bar.
    • Cast: Gold cast bars are made by putting gold into a mold or a cast. The mold is then heated allowing the gold to form the shape of the mold. Once the mold is cooled it is removed from the mold and usually stamped with design elements. Due to how these bars are made it’s common for bars in the same series to differ slightly.

    Buying RCM Gold Bars at Provident Metals

    Provident Metals is your stop for RCM Gold Bars. For any inquiries about the products, we offer contact us today at 1-800-313-3315. Our team can also be reached via email or through our online chat feature.