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1 kilo Gold Bars

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1 Kilo Gold Bars at Provident Metals

The largest gold bar commonly offered to investors is the 1 kilo gold bar. This weight is among the largest offered at Provident Metals as well. The 1 Kilo Gold Bar is an exceptional option for investors and collectors looking to make a large gold purchase. These bars weigh exactly 1,000 grams which is equal to 32.15 troy oz. At Provident Metals, we have an array of 1 Kilo Gold Bars to choose from, learn all about them right here.

Cast Bars

The majority of 1 Kilo Gold Bars available at Provident Metals are cast bars. Cast bars are similar to metal bars created by the earliest human civilizations. Liquid gold is poured into a mold and allowed to cool. Once cooled, the bar is removed and stamped with design elements, typically just on one side. Due to how they’re made, cast bars made from the same mint can differ slightly. These bars also have rougher sides and edges compared to their minted ingot counterparts.

Cast bars typically just contain identifying marks of the bar along with the logo of the mint. You’ll notice that 1 Kilo Gold Bars offered at Provident Metals lack complex design elements that are normally seen on minted ingots.

Common 1 Kilo Gold Bar Producers

  • Valcambi: Valcambi is a top name in the bullion industry and creates bars in an array of sizes. Most of their smaller sizes are minted ingots, however, they offer a 1 Kilo Gold Bar that is a cast bar. These bars contain a unique serial number as well as a purity of 99.99%. These bars, similar to the minted ingots, arrive with a sealed assay card.
  • Royal Canadian Mint: One of the most popular sovereign mints in the world is the Royal Canadian Mint. The RCM is home to some of the most well-known coin programs on the market such as the Maple Leaf coin program. The Royal Canadian Mint is also home to an array of gold bars such as their 1 Kilo Gold Bar. This cast bar has a purity of 99.99% and includes a Maple Leaf with micro-engraved vertical lines. A security feature that is a hallmark of RCM products.
  • Perth Mint: The oldest running mint in Australia also creates a 1 Kilo Gold Bar. The Perth Mint offers this cast bar in individual plastic bags, with a purity of 99.99%. These bars also feature a unique serial number on the obverse, with a blank reverse.
  • Argor-Heraeus: Another popular producer of these 1 Kilo Gold Bars is Argor-Heraeus. The popular Switzerland-based mint is home to some of the most innovative products on the market. Among their simpler products is this 1 Kilo Gold Bar which features identifying marks of the bar on the obverse and a blank reverse. These bars are shipped in a plastic bag along with an assay card for authentication.
  • PAMP Suisse: One of the more popular names when shopping for gold bars is PAMP Suisse. The popular mint creates a 1 Kilo Gold Bar for investors and collectors. Like others, this cast bar features identifying marks of the bar on the obverse with a blank reverse. Included on the obverse is a unique serial number.
  • Credit Suisse: Another popular Swiss brand is Credit Suisse. These cast bars showcase identifying marks on the obverse, along with a unique serial number, and a blank reverse. These bars arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Johnson Matthey: Founded in 1817 as a small gold assaying office, Johnson Matthey expanded to serve as the official gold assayer of the Bank of England. They also offer 1 Kilo Gold Bars to investors and collectors alike. These bars are a little more plain compared to other cast bars, allowing the purity of the gold to shine through.

Buying 1 Kilo Gold Bars at Provident Metals

If you have any questions when purchasing 1 Kilo Gold Bars, don’t hesitate to contact the Provident Metals customer service team. We can be reached via email or through our online chat feature. For direct assistance, give us a call at 800-313-3315.