Gold Bullion

Owning Gold Bullion Puts You In the Driver's Seat

Preserve the value of your family’s wealth by owning gold, one of the most stable assets in history and the safest way to maintain purchasing power. It has never been easier to diversify your portfolio or invest in gold bullion coins and bars from Provident Metals.

Gold bullion is a tangible asset that can be held in your hand, and stored and transferred on your terms, unlike paper investments.

With a share of stock, you “own” part of a company; yet, you can’t exactly take possession of company property. Plus, the business could go belly up at any moment, leaving the value of your stock a big, fat zero.

Although less risky, other paper investments, and even simple savings accounts, rarely pay enough interest to warrant the commission of funds.

Gold bullion has the bragging rights to something other investments do not: intrinsic value.

For thousands of years, gold coins and bars have been a trusted store of value, as well as a means of exchange. Gold bullion from a thousand years ago still has value today, just by virtue of its metal content.

That means you can rest easy. If you buy gold bullion today, it will be valuable long after you're gone. Not only will your gold retain its value for years to come, but it will also reflect the true value of paper-based currency (and will most likely cost more in terms of U.S. dollars).

In other words, buying gold bullion today could help buffer potential losses in your paper-based assets.

So don’t delay! It could cost you.

Read more about gold bullion and why it’s invaluable, especially in times of uncertainty.

Take a minute to browse our inventory for current prices and availability. We carry everything from ever-popular American Gold Eagles to private mint gold bullion bars, and much more.

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