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Mexican Gold Pesos

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Produced by the Mexico City Mint beginning in 1921, the Mexican Gold Peso is a popular coin among investors and collectors due to its high gold content, limited supply, and relatively low demand. Gold Pesos come in a variety of denominations and designs, but each one is made of .900 fine gold. The coins are alloyed with 10 percent copper, which makes them sturdier and able to withstand circulation.

History of Gold Pesos

Mexican Gold Pesos–created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain–were successfully used as monetary currency throughout the 20th century. Each coin’s design drew upon important aspects of Mexican culture.

In fact, up until the introduction of the South African Gold Krugerrand in 1967, the Gold Peso was considered the purest gold coin in the world.

Why Buy Gold Pesos

Gold Pesos provide a cost-effective option for investing in gold. Though supply is limited, Gold Pesos can often be found for modest premiums. This makes the coins appealing to many types of investors and hobbyists.

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