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Commemorative US Gold Coins

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Buy Modern US Gold Commemorative coins and enjoy beauty, art, and history, while making a sound investment.

Provident Metals is proud to offer our customers the opportunity to invest in collectible Modern U.S. Commemorative Gold Coins that celebrate America’s heroes, her important and memorable events, and her honored institutions. Shrewd investors will also appreciate how cost effective it is to purchase bullion through these $5 and $10 modern U.S. commemorative gold coins because each coin is sold at extremely low premiums over the spot price– some at ONLY $25 Over Melt. In addition to their investment value, many of these coins are highly prized by collectors because they were all released on a limited basis to honor a specific event or person, sculpted by some of our greatest modern artists, and struck with great care by the United States Mint. Investors can rest assured that each commemorative gold coin is produced to the stringent standards of the U.S. Mint, and buyers will also appreciate the diversity of options available. The aesthetic grandeur of American Modern Commemorative Gold Coins makes them an investment that is pleasing to the eye. Each gold commemorative coin investment will likely increase in value as the number and availability of mint-condition coins from each limited release naturally decreases with time.

We offer modern American commemorative gold coins in two investment levels: five or ten dollar gold coins that correspond to about 1/4 or ½ ounce of fine gold respectively. For a representative sampling of the coins you may receive, know that all commemorative gold coins celebrate some of America’s proudest moments and people including the Atlanta and Los Angeles Olympic games, important American institutions such as the Smithsonian, and heroic acts such as the Wright Brothers first flight, and baseball player Jackie Robinson’s influence. Many recognizable figures such as astronauts, presidents, and generals grace the obverse of many commemorative coins. Because of all the events’ significance, each beautiful commemorative coin was authorized by the United State Congress. Each also carries the United States Motto: In God We Trust. The coins are worth much more than their five or ten dollar face value and were not circulated as legal tender, and therefore, most are in excellent condition. Each Modern American Commemorative Gold Coin offers the opportunity to increase your wealth, diversify your portfolio, while at the same time celebrating great American causes and people.

Please use Provident Metal’s secure online ordering system to order your commemorative gold coins today, and you will appreciate the most cost-effective and secure shipping available, as well.