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Silver Dollars

Silver Dollars at Provident Metals

While most people think of a dollar as a green bill, the dollar used to be represented on a silver coin. Today, you can find Dollar Silver Coins readily available to be purchased as a collector’s item, or as an affordable option to expand and diversify your investment portfolio. Learn more about Dollar Silver Coins available here at Provident Metals.

History of the Silver Dollar

The first Dollar Silver Coin was produced in 1804. This one-of-a-kind coin for its time had a denomination of $1 (USD). However, it was scarcely minted between 1804 and 1836. The first major issuance of a Dollar Silver Coin came in 1836 when the silver content in US Mint coins was upped to 90%.

At this point in US history, America was flooded with silver from mines in parts of southeastern America, primarily Nevada. These coins featured the design known as Seated Liberty and were issued until 1873. Dollar Silver Coins were then suspended for five years due to the influx of silver and the US Mint’s free coining of silver.

They returned in 1878 and were issued regularly until 1904. They made a return in 1921 and were issued annually until 1928. These coins returned from 1934-1935 before being halted for good until the Eisenhower Dollar Silver Coin in the 1970s.

Popular Silver Dollar Designs

Dollar Silver Coins are distinguished by their unique designs. The design of your Dollar Silver Coin can tell you everything from the year of issue to its rarity. These designs include the following:

  • Seated Liberty: This design was issued starting in 1836 and was struck regularly until 1873. Christian Gobrecht, Chief Engraver of the United States designed this unique image of Liberty seated on a rock on the obverse. The reverse design featured a heraldic eagle design, also created by Christian Gobrecht. The design was updated in 1866 to include the “In God We Trust” motto.
  • Morgan Dollar Silver Coins: In 1878, after a five-year hiatus on Dollar Silver Coins, they were reintroduced with the name Morgan Dollar Silver Coin. These coins were designed by George T. Morgan. The obverse showcases a left-profile relief image of Lady Liberty. The reverse features a heraldic eagle design. These coins were released annually from 1878 to 1904 and then had a one-year return in 1921.
  • Peace Dollar Silver Coins: In 1921, the Morgan Dollar Silver Coin became the Peace Dollar Silver Coin and as such, the design was updated. The obverse, featuring a modern depiction of Liberty, was created by Anthony de Francisci. He also designed the bald eagle image on the reverse. This unique image features a bald eagle, with just an olive branch, perched on a rock.
  • Eisenhower Dollar Silver Coins: The last Dollar Silver Coin ever produced that contained silver, was the Eisenhower Dollar Silver Coin. Circulation coins do not have silver, but from 1971 to 1978, collector’s editions were released with 40% silver content. Frank Gasparro designed both fields. The obverse features the left-profile portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower while the reverse features a modified Apollo 11 patch.

Certified Silver Dollars

Another popular option for investors and collectors is Certified Silver Dollars. Certified Silver Dollars at Provident Metals are Silver Dollars that are graded by either the NGC or the PCGS.

Purchasing Silver Dollars at Provident Metals

Call the Provident Metals customer service team at 1-800-313-3315 with any inquiries you may have about Dollar Silver Coins. Our dedicated team is also readily available via email or through our online chat feature.